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How Bombas Increased Logins by 36%

As a leading sock and apparel brand, Bombas faced challenges with their account login process, impacting user engagement and checkout efficiency.

  • logins


  • orders placed


  • CRO

Transforming AOV Through Strategic Optimization

Ring needed to increase multi-product purchases and customer loyalty. Cro Metrics optimized the customer journey and personalized recommendations.

  • +13%

    in average order value

  • 60X

    return on investment (ROI)

  • Analytics

Understanding Customers Across A Non-Traditional Funnel

WOW! needed to optimize customer reach and experience in specific areas. Cro Metrics unified and analyzed their data for strategic insights.

  • Lifecycle

Optimizing the Customer Journey Increases Online Revenue

An e-commerce jewelry brand leveraged Cro Metrics’ comprehensive, experiment-led approach to evolve their SMS and email strategies

  • +329%

    Increase in Revenue

  • +39%

    in click rate

  • CRO

Iterative Experimentation Outperforms the Traditional Website Redesign

Metromile needed to lower customer acquisition costs and increase conversions. Cro Metrics used iterative testing to optimize the website and improve the quote funnel.

  • -17%

    in CAC

  • 28X

    return on investment (ROI)

  • Analytics

Unified Data Uncovers Opportunities for Experiment-Led Growth

Yami needed to optimize marketing spend across diverse SKUs and markets. Cro Metrics enhanced their analytics by unifying data, enabling strategic insights and faster decision-making.

  • CRO

Learn Small, Scale Big: Turn Visitors Into Customers with a Multi-Brand Strategy

Cro Metrics designed hypotheses around pricing sensitivity, first identifying low-volume product SKUs, and executing successful tests to drive up volume.