Build a World-Class Analytics Program with Cro Metrics

Understand your customers, get a grasp on your marketing impact, and
capitalize on opportunities.

Start Building

Actionable Data That Informs Decisions
Across The Enterprise

Say goodbye to disparate systems and experience unified, trusted data and reporting that is immediately actionable.
Get out of spreadsheets and BI tools that no one knows how to use.

Identify friction points in your UX to surface A/B testing opportunities

Understand your best-performing ad channels and campaigns that drive awareness through conversion

Discover what’s resonating with your customers in your Email, SMS, and Push Marketing—keeping them engaged and loyal

Gauge your SEO, social, and content marketing strategies and how they best complement your other efforts

Trusted by Some of the World’s Top Organizations

A Platform Built on Sound Data

Our unified data methodology integrates seamlessly with all your marketing platforms,
creating true identity management with malleable attribution modeling.

We integrate seamlessly
with your MarTech stack

Revenue data directly
from your source of truth

Never worry about
maintaining integrations or APIs

Address Wasteful Spend and Double Down on High Performing Channels

Get the data you need to make informed decisions and pivot quickly to capitalize on high-value channels and audiences. Our customizable attribution modeling looks across all channels, helping you understand performance at-a-glance alongside detailed reports.

Set and Track Your Goals

What use is reporting that doesn’t align with your goals and clearly convey benchmarks? Unlike generic analytics, our reporting allows us to set goals and track those together.

Tailored to Your Business and KPIs

Every business has unique challenges. Out-of-the-box data isn’t going to cut it. Once we understand your business and goals, we’ll tailor your analytics and reporting to give you exactly the data you need—from executive-level views to highly-granular analysis to find needle-in-the-haystack opportunities in reaching your most valuable clients.

Funnel Analysis That Doesn’t Suck

Drop-off rate only tells a partial story. Our reports help you truly uncover visitor behavior by audience segments, revealing actionable opportunities to test and learn.

Your Dedicated Team

Reporting is only the beginning. To truly understand your data, you’ll have a team of Analysts and Strategists as an extension of your team. Not only to ensure data governance and hygiene, but to also present strategies to drive deeper impact across your marketing channels. And of course, we can implement those strategies too, with our experiment-led Conversion Rate Optimization, Paid, and Lifecycle Marketing programs.