Landing On Creative That Converts With Curology

As a direct-to-consumer skincare brand, Curology relies on a strong online presence to drive awareness and subscriptions. When Curology needed to drive more efficiency and volume with their paid media investment, they partnered with the team at Cro Metrics to help improve conversion on site.


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The Cro Metrics Process

Our strong culture of experimentation allows our experts to break down and test through multiple solutions for every challenge. And with over 30k tests in our database, we always have a strong foundation to start from. 

Here’s how we broke down the challenges and uncovered an invaluable solution

The Goals

Improve CVR and increase conversion volume from paid media. 

Our Hypotheses

After a full audit of Curology’s paid media, we found that most ads were leading to the same landing page, regardless of channel or messaging. So, we built this into some new things to test. 

  • Developing net new landing pages to boost ad-landing page synergy will improve CVR
  • Building a dedicated landing page to highlight promos and improve offer transparency will maximize seasonal conversion volume


Our tests allowed us to deliver some high-level learnings that Curology continues to use for the Paid Media strategy. 

  • Custom landing pages for different social media channels convert better
  • Personalized creative drives conversions for low-intent channels
  • Directing high-intent audiences directly into the sign up flow converts better
  • Holiday-specific maximizes performance during peak shopping times 

Like most of our enterprise partners (97.1% of them), Curology continues to work with us to build onto the successes from these tests and more. With our continued learnings we’re able to continuously optimize growth solutions no matter how much the marketing landscape changes. 

At Cro Metrics, our track record of results starts with more than 30,000 client experiments under our belt. Our time-tested experiment-led process, bank of winning test results, proprietary analytics tools and high-impact testing roadmaps, help us propel clients, like Curology, to the next stage of growth.

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