Forget your commute, we’re a remote company. We are spread out all over the US and enjoy the flexibility remote working affords. Want to go on a mountain bike ride in the middle of the day? Cool, don’t forget your helmet! Need to pick the kids up from school? Nice, you’ve got parent of the year in the bag. We stay connected through Slack and all-hands trips.

Communication is critical. As a remote company, great communication is at the core of everything we do. This is not a simple “write specs and close tickets” gig. Successful team members enjoy the process of defining and clarifying specs, documenting processes, improving processes, seeing their ideas and work affect millions of users, and uploading custom emojis to Slack.

We’re relentlessly focused on our client’s happiness. Managing client relationships virtually takes a unique set of skills. We need to be strategic partners, teachers and project managers while delivering an exceptional level of service. This type of interaction is not for everyone, and we completely understand. It’s not easy!

Our engineers value elegant code, but move fast. We’re writing code that runs on top of existing websites. Some tests only run for a few days before disappearing (though some do so well they become a permanent part of the client’s site). If “minimum viable product” isn’t in your lexicon, you aren’t a good fit.

Most importantly, we are not perfect. At the core of experimentation is the lesson to be learned from the test—win, lose or draw. We extend this concept to everything we do by setting the bar high for our team and fostering an environment of open communications and constant learning.

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“Cro has worked hard to develop a culture where individuals are respected, listened to and valued. Everyone is invited and encouraged to contribute and have a voice in how the company is run.”

– Glassdoor


Open Positions

Director of Optimization

As a Director of Optimization at Cro Metrics, you will be a player/coach overseeing a team of people who are hybrid product manager, strategic thinker, account manager, and data analyst. Your primary role is to enable our product managers to be successful. Learn more

Senior Growth Product Manager

As a Senior Growth Product Manager at Cro Metrics, you will be a hybrid product manager, strategic thinker, account manager and data analyst. Your primary role is to partner with our clients to improve their websites through data-driven experimentation and personalization. Learn more

Optimization Program Manager

The Optimization Program Manager is responsible for working with our Product Managers and Optimization Strategists to execute successful web experimentation and personalization for a diverse group of clients. Learn more

Experiment Engineer

A/B Test Engineers leverage knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and SCSS to build out experimentation and personalization for conversion rate optimization. Additionally, they have familiarity with CRO platforms like Optimizely, VWO, and Google Optimize. They must also be comfortable working to validate concepts by choosing the cheapest route to MVP versus over-engineering. Learn more

Quality Assurance Analyst

No prior QA experience is required. Our QA is a manual process and does not require an enterprise QA skill set. Both full-time or contracting positions are available. At the outset, your schedule should be flexible as work ebbs and flows. Opportunities for career advancement into project management roles. Learn more

Our positions are fully remote and to ensure compliance with all applicable labor laws, are open to U.S.-based applicants only. In general, we are not hiring in Washington state, Oregon state, San Francisco, New York, or New Jersey as it is difficult for distributed companies like ours to hire in those locations. Cro Metrics is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Don’t see a position above that matches what you’re seeking? We’re always on the lookout for talented, motivated professionals. Tell us about yourself and what you’re looking for.