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Build a Data-Forward, User-Driven Lifecycle Marketing Program With Cro Metrics

The average American receives hundreds of emails in their inbox each day. And chances are, some of these emails are from your direct competitors. Are you making moves to ensure that your emails stand out and drive impact for your business?

SMS text messaging adds another layer of complexity to your marketing efforts. Around 48% of consumers prefer direct communication from brands via SMS.

To deliver a compelling experience via email and SMS, it’s time to level up your game through lifecycle marketing optimization. Through relevant testing, strategy, and automation, Cro Metrics can help you develop lifecycle marketing campaigns that get results.

Your Email & SMS Strategy Must Be Comprehensive, Iterative & Personalized

The first email was sent in 1971. Fast forward to now, email still yields one of the strongest ROIs in digital marketing. Meanwhile, SMS open rates are close to 100%. However, this will only ring true for you if your strategy is comprehensive, iterative, and personalized to fit your audience’s needs, desires, and goals.

Through A/B testing, multivariate tests, and automation, Cro Metrics can level up any basic lifecycle marketing strategy to acquisition and retention marketing. We do all this by keeping personalization top of mind and building a content strategy that engages your audience past their first point of contact.

Email coupled with SMS, the ultimate peer-to-peer marketing tool, allows you to develop a personal connection with customers from first contact to lifetime brand loyalty.

Personalized Experiences + Optimization First Approach = Successful Lifecycle Marketing

Success Stories

1150% increase in digital monthly donors with no negative impact to one-time giving.

- International environmental non-profit

19% increase in year-over-year (YoY) revenue from lead nurturing and sales program.

- B2B research company

48% increase in YoY revenue from online fundraising.

- Non-profit focused on youth homelessness

The Cro Way: Relevant Testing, Strategy & Automation

Here at Cro Metrics, we believe that any change or movement should be validated with data first. Only with trustworthy data can lifecycle marketing be optimized to help you reach your growth goals.

Focused On Relevancy

First, we’re not looking for which subject lines perform better. And we never rely on what your email service provider says works. Instead, we test into relevancy by running longitudinal tests throughout your email and SMS programs. As a result, we can ensure we glean long-term learnings we can apply as evergreen, personalized best practices for your business.

Our tests are relevant to your goals. After all, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to lifecycle marketing. Want to decrease your unsubscribe rate? Increase your referral rate? Increase your SMS sign ups? We can make it happen by getting to know your goals and your audience to build campaigns that work.

Goal-Driven Email Strategy

We use our test findings and personalized KPIs to create engaging email and SMS campaigns that last as long as they need to, depending on your goals. There’s no “set it and forget it” here—we closely track campaign performance in real-time through our custom-built data studio and iterate as necessary. The result is a campaign that’s optimized based on user behavior.

Proactive Automation

Ad hoc, reactionary emails can result in you leaving money on the table. It can also leave you without the critical data insights you need to boost click-through, read-through, and conversion rates.

We create automation streams to increase stewardship, retention, engagement, and conversions across email and SMS platforms. Using paid options, we can increase acquisition and create funnels automatically to keep your audience engaged.

Level Up Your Lifecycle Marketing Strategy With Cro Metrics

Your lifecycle marketing campaigns will only result in business-boosting ROI if they’re optimized to fit your audience and your goals. Cro Metrics can help. Reach out to us today to learn more about our lifecycle marketing optimization services.