Build a Data-Forward, User-Driven Lifecycle Marketing Program

Through relevant testing, strategy, and automation, Cro Metrics can help you develop email and SMS marketing campaigns that get results.

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Personalized Experiences + Optimization First Approach
= Successful Lifecycle Marketing

Use learnings gathered across campaigns, automations, onsite lead forms, and a host
of other touch points to create customer learnings that inform your entire program.

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How We Drive Success

Whether you’re running a National Non-Profit or an International D2C, we have ways to take your business to the next level.

We increased donations by 41% by optimizing an email template for mobile

The Trevor Project

We improved conversions by 9% in an abandoned shopping cart series by strategically increasing key touchpoints

Dazzling Cleaning

Customer Lifetime Value increased 32.5% by adding upcoming subscription shipment reminders

EVER Skincare

Lifecycle Success Through our
Time-Tested Approch

Our established core lifecycle marketing strategies are proven to increase conversions and LTV.

Segmentation +

  • Meet users where they are and increase customer click-through and conversion rates with personalized messages segmented by audience
  • Leverage data automation strategies to identify and update key audience segments
  • Test into learnings across your full customer journey for effective personalization

Longitudinal Testing +

  • Test into your learnings to continue building your positive ROI
  • Integrate your programs to test across lifecycle, paid and CRO to develop company wide best practices
  • Leverage winning insights to drive further experimentation for your growth goals

Data Management +
CRM Strategy

  • Ensure your email and SMS program strategies are successful from accurate and clean data with your CRM
  • Integrate your Email Service Provider with other digital channels to leverage full lifecycle marketing impact
  • Trust in your messages’ deliverability rates and privacy compliance with our team of certified deliverability experts

We’ll Meet You Where You Are

Connect With Your Customers On Their
Favorite Platform

Combine SMS with email to create a seamless user experience that reaches more customers on the platform of their choice.

Test SMS alongside email to determine your audience’s communication preferences and create more tailored experiences that drive better results.

Develop carefully planned and budgeted SMS campaigns to ensure each message delivers maximum impact and ROI.

Blaze An Optimal Omnichannel Path to Purchase

Stop leaving money on the table as missed opportunities pile up with disjointed campaigns channel-to-channel.

Integrated Services Compound
Revenue Impact

Unify and optimize your customer’s journey, every step of the digital path, with an integrated lifecycle. Together, paid media, conversion rate optimization, and lifecycle marketing remove every blocker and seek out every dollar.

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