Our actions define who we are, and at Cro Metrics we believe in five principles that help us determine what we’ll work on, how we’ll prioritize it, and how our individual actions contribute to our goal of helping clients build data-driven experimentation programs.

With often competing priorities, it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important. Our values guide every decision we make, from the people we hire to the projects we select. They inform our code of conduct. These five principles define us, and define the work we do at Cro Metrics.

Curious about how we came to these values? Check out our reading list!

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We put clients first

We have a responsibility to help our clients make decisions that are right for their businesses. Our clients trust us with their bottom lines, and at Cro Metrics, we accept that stewardship with integrity.

We care

Everyone here cares what happens with our clients and our team. We demonstrate this by challenging each other, respecting one another, sharing genuine appreciation, and learning from each other.

We lead with compassion

It takes courage to be vulnerable, and building a culture of trust and safety means respecting each other enough to be honest. We try to be quick to own our failures and hope that, by doing so, we inspire the people we work with to give each other the same grace.

We thoughtfully challenge

Our approach to growth is simple: We take smart risks and we’re open to failure. It can be uncomfortable, but it's what we do. We're life-long learners testing new approaches to foster our own growth and that of our clients.

We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

We acknowledge bias and work to remove it, in both our approach to testing and in our culture. We’re dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive team that brings together a wide variety of perspectives and experiences.

What Our Employees Are Saying

Really intelligent, compassionate colleagues, and a remote-first culture that allows you to get to know people working across the country”

Senior Growth Strategist in Gypsum, CO