Our Culture and Values

Our culture is focused on one concept—you’ll do the best work of your career here.

To make sure that happens, we have fundamental day-to-day things we execute informed by our core values.

We provide feedback, regularly. This means we get real with each other, using data and specificity to help us grow. We shy away from anonymity unless absolutely necessary. Feedback is expected to be given and received assuming the most respectful interpretation. Each of us cares for each other, operates with positive intent to help each be our best and including helping each other even when it’s hard.

Hierarchical behavior is not our thing. Yes we have a leadership structure, BUT decisions are made in a very specific way here with surveys and data. Our CEO and leaders want to hear your opinions and ensure you feel comfortable disagreeing respectfully. You may not weigh in on every decision but you’ll be asked for your opinion A LOT.

Learning and experimentation are embedded in every aspect of our work. You will be expected to be constantly learning here. You’ll have a career plan in the first 6 months. Doing the best work of your career means always growing, even when it’s tough.

We work hard for ourselves and our clients but we don’t take ourselves too seriously 😂. We create our own emojis to creatively express ourselves and use them to bring levity into the day.

Curious about what has informed how we work? Check out our reading list!

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We put clients first

We have a responsibility to help our clients make decisions that are right for their businesses. Our clients trust us with their bottom lines, and at Cro Metrics, we accept that stewardship with integrity.

We care

Everyone here cares what happens with our clients and our team. We demonstrate this by challenging each other, respecting one another, sharing genuine appreciation, and learning from each other.

We lead with compassion

It takes courage to be vulnerable, and building a culture of trust and safety means respecting each other enough to be honest. We try to be quick to own our failures and hope that, by doing so, we inspire the people we work with to give each other the same grace.

We thoughtfully challenge

Our approach to growth is simple—we take smart risks and we’re open to failure. It can be uncomfortable, but it's what we do. We're life-long learners testing new approaches to foster our own growth and that of our clients.

We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

At Cro Metrics, we believe bias is prohibitive to growth for us and for our clients. Our very foundation in data and experimentation pushes us and our clients to become aware of any unconscious biases that exist and do better. For you, we want you to not just work here, but feel you belong from the moment we start talking to you. We will not pretend to be perfect here—our commitment is we will listen, learn and strive to do better every single day. At Cro Metrics, we do the hard work on ourselves for our people, our clients and anyone who may want a better place to grow.

What Our Employees Are Saying

Really intelligent, compassionate colleagues, and a remote-first culture that allows you to get to know people working across the country”

Senior Growth Strategist Gypsum, CO