These are the values that guide our decisions, our hiring, and how we interact with our clients. As our company grows and adapts, so may our focus, but these values are our bedrock. Our culture is the result of living these values. Netflix, Hubspot, Atlassian and others who share similar values and cultures inspire us.

Put the Customer First

It’s how we make decisions – customer first, then the team, then the individual. If we make our customers successful, we will be successful. Customers being successful will take many forms, so we always seek to add value. This is our most important principle. Everything else falls from it since no customers = no company.

Bring a Pro-Attitude

A pro-attitude is one where we start each day with the intention: “we’re here to get this done.” The combination of our attitude and expertise helps us get things done in the right way. Through this we develop relationships where the client views us as an extended part of their team. Cultivating the pro-attitude is second nature for us because we love this shit.

Thoughtfully Challenge

Growth is about challenging “the way things have always been done”, and creating new paths for success. It can be uncomfortable, but it’s how we win. We’re lifelong learners testing new approaches to foster our clients’ and our own growth. To do that, we can’t go with status quo, internally or with our clients.

Give a 💩

We only hire and keep A-players who dedicate themselves to keeping the bar high. Because of this, we can blindly trust that everyone who is on the team has our back. Everyone here cares what happens with our clients and our team. We show this through challenging each other, giving appreciations, and sharing our knowledge.

Listen Intently

To best understand what the needs of the client are we need to listen in an uncommon way. We listen with intention, beyond the surface to the deeper, root communication. We pause to listen deeply to our clients, colleagues, and the results in our experiments. The longevity of our business depends upon long-term relationships built through high-quality communication.

Lead With Compassion

We want to make decisions that will benefit the most people for the long-term. We cultivate comfort with discomfort to put ourselves in each other’s shoes and do the best thing for everyone. Similarly, we share our struggles when our experience is helpful to others. Developing compassion through vulnerability is a key component of creating the trust and safety we need to perform at our best.

We’re inspired by other companies dedicated to the best in customer experience. Those companies provide the autonomy and trust necessary to support high-quality motivation. Our values reflect those inspirations. Over the years we’ve also put together a small list of media that reflects how we make decisions.

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