E-Commerce / Retail

The Clorox Company

“We are going to win with Cro Metrics.” “I am thrilled to have Cro Metrics in my corner as a strategic partner to help us accelerate and conquer.”

– Miles Liedtke, Site Manager – Site Experience and Optimization Manager, DTC BU, The Clorox Company



“Cro Metrics has made a meaningful, ROI-positive impact on our business from day 1. We would not be well on our way to building a robust company culture of experimentation without their involvement. Lovely people to work with + deep expertise in all things A/B testing. Cro Metrics is critical to the success of our growth team.”

– Craig Battin, Earnest

SaaS / Subscription


“WOW! purchased Optimizely in late 2018 and were very excited to start running tests on our eCommerce site. We quickly discovered we didn’t have the right resources to get the right tests designed and implemented quickly and effectively. We turned to Cro Metrics for experiment design, development and analytics and they’ve proven to be a critical partner to WOW!. We’ve seen a 2x lift in our main conversion KPI’s and we attribute much of this to the Cro Metrics testing program. The team is smart, responsive, accountable and driven to succeed with us.”

– Todd Lilienthal, VP of Innovation, WOW!

Social Good



“Everything I’ve seen so far from the Cro Metrics team is high-quality and professional. Their advice is valuable and delivered quickly and frankly. Looking forward to what we can achieve together.”

– Dana Kitrelle, Product Mgr, Taulia

Travel & Hospitality