Our Clients

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Cro Metrics’ involvement has allowed us to double our A/B testing speed so that we don’t have to do everything internally and we can focus on other priorities. They really know our business, and we’ve learned together what works well and what doesn’t.

– Senior Manager of Product Insights, Home Chef

Ecommerce / Retail

We have increased our testing program's velocity and overall ROI. This comes from improved process and education on how to identify and structure good hypothesis routed in clear customer pain points / problems. We have worked together quite well over the years, which led to more impact and more test learnings.

– Senior Director of Digital Product, Bombas

SaaS and Lead Gen

The amount of experience that Cro Metrics has is very impressive. We're able to learn best practices, and have the benefit of ideas and strategies that we wouldn't otherwise have access to if run internally.

– Senior Director of Digital Product, Calendly

Social Good


With our testing program, we are continually improving the UX and leveraging the dynamic nature of the site by testing and iterating design improvements, led by Cro Metrics, ensuring that content is relevant and accessible, so that the website can continue to drive impact for the organization. Everyone we have worked with at Cro Metrics has also been thorough, with great attention to detail, as well as a knack for understanding and communicating the big picture.

– Managing Director, Content Marketing & Social Media, UNICEF USA


Cro Metrics has made a meaningful, ROI-positive impact on our business from day 1. We would not be well on our way to building a robust company culture of experimentation without their involvement. Lovely people to work with + deep expertise in all things A/B testing. Cro Metrics is critical to the success of our growth team.

– Craig Battin, Earnest


They stand by everything they've presented in their sales pitch. Cro Metrics’ approach to testing is very professional, and their delivery is excellent. They take the time to understand our business and deliver the results we’re looking for. Cro Metrics has understood and helped us work towards our KPIs in a very collaboratively manner.

– Craig Battin, AM Resorts