Boosting Revenue and Long-Term Success for Home Chef

As a direct-to-consumer meal kit service, Home Chef faced some unique challenges when trying to keep up with the competition. Looking to make strides without costly missteps, they partnered with Cro Metrics to help them find and expand on high-impact, high-return ideas. 




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Cro Metrics’ involvement has allowed us to double our A/B testing speed so that we don’t have to do everything internally and we can focus on other priorities. They really know our business, and we’ve learned together what works well and what doesn’t.

– Senior Manager of Product Insights, Home Chef

The Cro Metrics Process

Our strong culture of experimentation allows our experts to break down and test through multiple solutions for every challenge. With over 30k tests in our database, we always have a strong foundation to start from. 

Here’s how we broke down the challenges and tested to find sustainable, scalable solutions. 

The Goals

Increase subscription sign-ups, subscription reactivations, app downloads and onsite engagement while reducing overall subscription cancellations.

Our Hypotheses

For such a holistic challenge, we looked at the full marketing funnel, and built out which areas would be the most valuable to test into. 

  • Build brand trust
  • Engage more closely with customers
  • Optimize the on-site experience
  • Highlight into brand value


Through 25 total tests, we iterated multiple ways in to build on our hypotheses, and came out with some key high-level learnings.

  • Social proof and benefits in interstitials build brand trust and increase downloads
  • A personalized quiz drives engagements and sign-ups
  • Shortened landing pages lead to more conversions
  • Conversational language boosts reactivations
  • Highlighting app value increases downloads

Like most of our enterprise partners (97.1% of them), Home Chef continues to work with us to build onto the successes from these tests and more. With our continued learnings we’re able to continuously optimize growth solutions no matter how much the marketing landscape changes. 

At Cro Metrics, our track record of results starts with more than 30,000 client experiments under our belt. Our time-tested experiment-led process, bank of winning test results, proprietary analytics tools and high-impact testing roadmaps, help us propel clients, like Home Chef, to the next stage of growth. 

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