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Understanding Customers Across A Non-Traditional Funnel

WOW! is a leading provider of high-speed internet, cable TV, and phone services in the United States. With a mission to provide reliable and affordable services to its customers, WOW! has been consistently delivering exceptional connectivity solutions for over two decades.

As WOW!‘s Conversion Rate Optimization partner since 2019, we leveraged analytics to provide longitudinal performance and key insights derived through A/B testing.

The Challenge

WOW! has a unique business model in that its products and services are limited to serviceable geographic areas. As such, they need to understand how to best reach their target customers and ensure an ideal customer experience for those who are within their ideal customer profiles. As one can imagine, the customer journey and onsite experience are fraught with nuances in aspiring to this goal.

The Solution

Due to the unique customer journey, a typical funnel analysis wasn’t going to suffice. We began by ensuring we were properly capturing and collecting data, and that analytics were configured optimally against customer use cases and KPIs. This included incorporating website analytics and marketing data into a data warehouse. From there, we configured multi-dimensional funnel analyses, allowing for filtering based on key attributes such as geography, traffic source, device, product and service types. Because determining customer serviceability is complex, we created visualizations to easily understand each aspect of the customer journey. This reporting evolved to include comparison metrics based on key events, such as market shifts, a site redesign, and a CMS integration.


WOW! has plenty of data, but they weren’t sure how to use it to improve their marketing efforts. For example, how to measure whether efforts to improve page speed are having an impact on conversion. Or identifying break points in the funnel and separating out increased traffic from existing customers, versus new customer targeting. By removing confounding variables, these visualizations allow WOW! to extract signal from the noise and get a clearer picture of what is driving conversions.

WOW! now has readily accessible data to drive key business decisions—particularly understanding how consumers use the site and how best to position the site across consumer and business markets, and how to best understand product and service adoption, upgrades, and upsells.

We continue to actively work with the WOW! team, providing analysis, and iteration on their reporting tools, helping them uncover and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

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