Founder & CEO

Career Highlights

  • Founded, funded and ran OEM software company that sold in 2004 for $5 million.
  • Positive review from Walt Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal highlighting the Migo.
  • Practices lean startup techniques including low-cost market validation for new products and split-testing for Web site optimization.
  • Logged more than 10 years of experience developing web- and desktop-based OEM and consumer software applications.
  • Compiled a strong knowledge of social media and marketing while working on several Top 10 Facebook apps.
  • Developed deep experience and success in recruiting and managing outsourced U.S.- and overseas-based software engineering teams.

Chris’s entrepreneurial skills emerged in high school, when he made money selling candy to fellow students in study hall. He sharpened this acumen as an undergraduate at Bucknell University, when he co-founded a desktop publishing company that is still operating today. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Chris followed his passion for bike racing to become director of marketing for Spinergy, a venture-funded manufacturer of carbon fiber bicycle wheels. In 2001, while living in San Francisco, he started First Person Software, which created and patented software that resides on USB drives and allows automatic personalization of any computer. The technology was purchased in 2004 by Migo, which still exists today. Chris also has founded Dovetail TV, an Internet-based distributor of high quality independent films; and Face It (now Appsorama), a Facebook application company. He has even tackled product management for Sling Media, ScanCafe and other startups.

When he’s not launching companies, he’s launching planes; Chris has his pilot’s license and has logged more than 300 hours of flight time. He also enjoys road and mountain biking in Marin County, California, where he lives with his wife and daughters.


Ann Devens

Ann Devens is the Head of Sales at CROmetrics. Her work experience includes early-stage product management and digital marketing roles at companies including Stella & Dot, Levi Strauss & Co., and Today, she gets to meet lots of people looking to grow their businesses through data-driven decision making. Using her experience as a product manager and digital marketer, Ann helps people start or grow their own experimentation programs.

Ann lives in San Francisco, and she enjoys typical San Franciscan activities such as practicing hot yoga, drinking Philz Coffee, and watching unicorns.

Tom Fuertes

Tom Fuertes is the CTO of CROmetrics where he specializes in elegant solutions to complex problems, data-driven experimentation and analytics, and crafting new connections between client optimization and company success.

Tom graduated from the University of Texas in 2008 with a degree in Management Information Systems. He founded a successful start up while in college and followed his life-long passion for numbers into a time as a professional poker player, which directly influenced his skills in conversion optimization. Since then, Tom has been a freelance developer and analyst in Austin for companies such as, Home Away,, and Bazaarvoice.

Tom was recently recognized for his innovative solutions to management and workflow issues with a large group of developers. When not using experimental analytics to change the world for the better, Tom enjoys running, climbing on rocks, fly-fishing, and froyo.

Product Management

Aaron Schwartz

Aaron started cultivating his product management skills during the founding of Mountain Labs, a healthcare information management company. While leading their marketing efforts, he managed multiple user analytics platforms, oversaw hundreds of user interviews, implemented thousands of website iterations, and managed the company’s presence across five different marketing channels. After the company’s closing in 2016, Aaron was well prepared to contribute to the testing and optimization culture at CROmetrics.

Though he was born and raised in Michigan, Aaron hasn’t let that stop him from exploring the world. He has lived in six different states, and has traveled to over thirty countries. In his evenings and off days, Aaron can be found in the kitchen, on a mountain, or on a motorcycle.

David Janczyn

David is another one of our developers turned pm’s and he spends his days working with the talented CROmetrics team to make sure all their technical needs are met. He is truly a problem solving junkie, and CROmetrics offers him his daily fix.
David’s previous experience includes technical and product roles at various stage startups, where he excelled in automation and mobile UI.
When he’s not handling business, David can be found surfing and joking with friends.
He hails from San Diego and parts unknown.

Eddie Solis

Eddie first started showing an interest in Marketing after joining an early-stage Saas business as the Director of Customer Experience. It was during this time that he began to really understand how a user’s experience could really make an impact on a company’s marketing efforts. The venture was a member of the 500 Startups accelerator program based in Silicon Valley, and was later acquired in Spring 2015.

When Eddie isn’t working alongside his clients, he enjoys strumming his guitar and frequently performs around his current home in Austin, TX.

Eddie holds an MBA from Belmont University in Nashville, TN.

Erika Gebow

After spending the early part of her career building large-scale operational programs for Starbucks retail stores, Erika moved her passion for optimizing customer experiences into software product management for online retail and eCommerce, including stints building online experiences for Amazon, AT&T, B2B eCommerce platforms and startups. Erika credits her years at Amazon as the most impactful in her career, where she spent two years leading the company-wide Customer Experience Bar Raising program, and three years using data to reinvent the online post-purchase experience into a revenue-driving, contact-reducing behemoth.

Erika relocated from Seattle to Bend, OR with her husband and two terribly-behaved dogs. In her free time you can find Erika outside running trails, climbing big mountains, cross-country skiing, mountain biking and drinking amazing local beers. She is also passionate about animal welfare and volunteers as a board member with the local Humane Society, who coaches her that training is a critical component to dog ownership. Connect with Erika

Jerome Choo

As far as he can remember, Jerome has always had a burning curiosity to figure out how things work. Naturally, he entered the field of engineering to satiate this curiosity and graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Soon after he co-founded an education technology startup that provides specialized tools for reading teachers.

More recently, Jerome has been developing an interest in the psychology behind the user experience and ultimately, the buying experience of products. He joined CROmetrics for this reason, helping the engineering team with implementation and product management.

Jerome is based out of Austin, Texas. He enjoys traveling and exploring new hobbies that he might or might not be terrible at.

Vivian Debrawuere

Viv went to film school in SoCal, but prior to graduating (in the middle of the writer’s strike) she decided to work in an industry with a little more stability. Viv landed a job at Sony and during her tenure, launched the PlayStation Network and developed their Dynamic theme program. Viv then took her talents to Netflix where she played an integral part in the launch of the Darwin UI and led a program that would evolve to a personalized artwork algorithm. Viv then relocated to Chicago to join Trunk Club. There, she helped launch a women’s service, overhauled the website and brought countless marketing initiatives to life via project managing the in house creative team.

Viv spends her time with her two bulldog roommates. She enjoys playing and watching soccer and is an avid participant in competitive dodgeball. She bleeds blue for the LA Dodgers, and hopes to watch them play at every MLB Stadium before she dies.

Engineering / QA

Andrew Wessels

Andrew grew up in Hilo, Hawaii since the age of one. He graduated from the University of Hawaii at Hilo with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. He has since worked as a freelance web developer for local companies, as well as a company based in San Diego, which then developed the Careers website for The Home Depot.

He enjoys talking about new technology, exchanging insights, sharing wild ideas, and working out clever solutions to complex problems. He likes being a teacher whenever the opportunity presents itself, and likes to see others succeed.

When he is not writing code, he enjoys table tennis, skating, playing guitar, and video games. He also volunteers his time to coach table tennis to the kids at the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Island, and is a volunteer board member of the East Hawaii Cultural Center.

Chase Marlow

Chase comes to CROmetrics with a background in front end development/design. He grew up in rural western Illinois and picked up web development through a variety of side projects in college.

Chase has spent the last few years freelancing, working at a Chicago marketing agency, and running a web design/development studio with his wife. He’s currently located in Macomb, IL where he spends his free time playing basketball, running, and preparing for a baby in Spring 2017.

Eric Newland

Eric’s background as a designer has taken a back seat since he discovered a love of code and problem-solving. After teaching himself how to use Drupal and expanding his knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript, he successfully migrated a previous employer’s static website to a highly customized Drupal installation. He has been working with CROmetrics since April, 2014.

A/B testing doesn’t just happen and is often a lot more complex than changing text or colors, so Eric uses his Javascript and CSS expertise to implement difficult tests and create custom goals for data collection. Whether it’s tweaking a sales funnel full of modal forms, adding a completely new plugin to the site, or redesigning a page from header to footer, Eric specializes at making sure CROmetrics’ tests just work.

Eric has a BA and 10 years’ experience in graphic and web design and development. He lives in Dayton, Ohio with his wife and two children.

Matthew Gossage

Matthew has been writing code in one form or another since his early adolescence. What started as a hobby grew into a career as he now spends his days doing front-end development.

He finds great enjoyment in the particular challenges found in A/B test implementation, preferring the ‘front-end hacking’ work to standard front-end web development.

Loves a good laugh and can often be found chasing :derp: emojis around CROMetrics slack channels.

Jared Schoen

Jared grew up with computers as a kid and developed a love for technology early on. What started with DOS and floppy disks, led to a programming class in high school, turned into a website on Geocities and CSS hacks on MySpace, resulting in a web design class at UT, and culminating in freelancing as a web developer. Now Jared is excited to apply his background to problem solving for A/B testing and get some quality time with the command line again.

Jared currently lives in Austin, Texas and in his free time likes to hop on a bike, go for a run, or sail at the lake. He’s been trying to learn Spanish for mucho tiempo and is always thinking about his next travel destination.

Shru Bilagi

Shruthi has a keen interest in user experience testing and she enjoys learning something new every day. At CROmetrics she conducts thorough QA on AB testing experiments before they go live. Her past work experience includes working at Oracle Corporation, Indian Institute of Science and various others companies. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Shruthi lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and son. She enjoys traveling, hiking, swimming, exploring new restaurants and other fun activities with her family.