Founder & CEO

Career Highlights

  • Founded, funded and ran OEM software company that sold in 2004 for $5 million.
  • Positive review from Walt Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal highlighting the Migo.
  • Practices lean startup techniques including low-cost market validation for new products and split-testing for Web site optimization.
  • Logged more than 10 years of experience developing web- and desktop-based OEM and consumer software applications.
  • Compiled a strong knowledge of social media and marketing while working on several Top 10 Facebook apps.
  • Developed deep experience and success in recruiting and managing outsourced U.S.- and overseas-based software engineering teams.

Chris’s entrepreneurial skills emerged in high school, when he made money selling candy to fellow students in study hall. He sharpened this acumen as an undergraduate at Bucknell University, when he co-founded a desktop publishing company that is still operating today. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Chris followed his passion for bike racing to become director of marketing for Spinergy, a venture-funded manufacturer of carbon fiber bicycle wheels. In 2001, while living in San Francisco, he started First Person Software, which created and patented software that resides on USB drives and allows automatic personalization of any computer. The technology was purchased in 2004 by Migo, which still exists today. Chris also has founded Dovetail TV, an Internet-based distributor of high quality independent films; and Face It (now Appsorama), a Facebook application company. He has even tackled product management for Sling Media, ScanCafe and other startups.

When he’s not launching companies, he’s launching planes; Chris has his pilot’s license and has logged more than 300 hours of flight time. He also enjoys road and mountain biking in Marin County, California, where he lives with his wife and daughters. Connect with Chris


Ann Devens

Ann Devens is VP of Business Development at Cro Metrics. Her work experience includes early-stage product management and digital marketing roles at companies including Stella & Dot, Levi Strauss & Co., and (now The Knot). Applying her experience as a product manager and growth leader, Ann helps CRO clients grow their businesses through strategic experimentation and data-driven decision making.

Ann lives in San Francisco, and she enjoys typical San Franciscan activities such as practicing hot yoga, drinking Philz Coffee, and watching unicorns. Connect with Ann

Dave Albert

As VP of Operations, Dave collaborates closely with Cro Metrics clients and Product Managers to deliver successful outcomes. He cut his teeth in the world of publishing, successfully launched and divested an email marketing start-up, and has worked with both start-ups and Fortune 500 brands to launch large-scale marketing and platform initiatives.

Dave’s 20+ year history with user-centered design, engineering, usability and analytics converge to form a unique perspective on data-driven marketing. He’s passionate about understanding audience behavior, and the psychology and metrics behind conversion optimization.

When not staring intently at a screen, Dave enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, cooking, riding motorcycles and adding items to his ever-expanding bucket list. Connect with David

Drew Seman

Drew comes to Cro Metrics after 12+ years working with non-profit and political organizations. With each cause, his goal was maximizing positive impact. This ultimately led to running full stack digital marketing teams, with a focus on email marketing, lead gen, and subscription revenue. He shifted his focus to CRO because of its ability to positively impact every channel in a marketer’s toolkit. Drew lives in the East Bay with his wife and two daughters. Most of his free time is spent binge watching My Little Pony between trips to Fairyland (look it up), but occasionally he’s able to catch a baseball game. Connect with Drew

Grant Tilus

Grant is a ‘real’ marketer, in that he earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing. He started his career as a key contributor to an award winning inbound marketing team, then moved into website and content strategy roles before moving into conversion optimization and a/b testing. He has experience leading experimentation programs across high profile organizations in the education, computer hardware, software, consumer electronics, and hospitality industries. His competitive drive fuels his passion for optimizing digital properties and improving user experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.

Grant is based in a small town about an hour outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three little girls, staying active and continuing to challenge himself.Connect with Grant

Jerome Choo

As far as he can remember, Jerome has always had a burning curiosity to figure out how things work. Naturally, he entered the field of engineering to satiate this curiosity and graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Soon after he co-founded an education technology startup that provides specialized tools for reading teachers.

More recently, Jerome has been developing an interest in the psychology behind the user experience and ultimately, the buying experience of products. He joined Cro Metrics for this reason, helping the engineering team with implementation and product management. He serves as a Director of Product Management.

Jerome is based out of Austin, Texas. He enjoys traveling and exploring new hobbies that he might or might not be terrible at. Connect with Jerome

Matthew Gossage

Matthew is the Director of Engineering at Cro Metrics and has been writing code in one form or another since his early adolescence. What started as a hobby grew into a career as he now spends his days doing front-end development.

He finds great enjoyment in the particular challenges found in A/B test implementation, preferring the ‘front-end hacking’ work to standard front-end web development.

Matthew loves a good laugh and can often be found chasing :derp: emojis around Cro Metrics slack channels. Connect with Matthew

Rachel Osborne

As VP of Business Development, Rachel Osborne provides customer-centric and results-driven leadership to her client portfolio, helping launch their optimization programs and strategically grow revenue.

With 15 years of media experience, Rachel headed consumer marketing and sales as Vice President for iconic brands such as InStyle and Food & Wine. She led go-to-market and growth initiatives for consumer products and services, profitably increased multi-channel customer acquisition and retention and developed research to build product differentiation and satisfaction.

As a native New Yorker, Rachel loves all things food and culture related. Rachel graduated from Hamilton College, Phi Sigma Iota. Connect with Rachel

Paul Swinand

Paul Swinand has over 20 years of experience in finance and consulting. Prior to joining Cro Metrics, he was a corporate and investor relations communications consultant with Four Hills Advisors following a 15 year career as a sell side equity analyst. Paul is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and also of the University of Massachusetts’ Isenberg School of Management. He is fluent in French and conversational in Italian. A resident of Evanston, IL where he lives with his wife and three children, Paul is a competitive cyclist and enjoys coaching junior athletes in his spare time. Connect with Paul

Product Management

Andres Cantor

Andres has spent the last decade developing and optimizing products for the gaming and hospitality industries, from Words with Friends to Disney Parks Digital.  When he’s not working inside the Matrix, Andres enjoys playing & watching soccer, going on adventures with the family, and speaking in what is surely his Boston Terrier’s real voice.  Andres graduated from the University of Central Florida, home of the 2018 National Champs, where he studied Finance and Interactive Entertainment. Connect with Andres

Angela Gordon

A seasoned Program Manager, Angela has honed her skills over the last 15 years project managing the full project lifecycle of all things digital in the B2B marketing space. From websites to apps to large-scale, cross-functional digital platforms, she has done it all.

A New Jersey native, Angela now lives in Southern California with her husband and two boys. She enjoys creating detailed itineraries for and executing RV camping adventures all over the West and fully intends to do a cross-country tour some day soon. Connect with Angela

Alan Atlas

Specializing in product analytics, Alan’s career has inevitably led him into the world of web experimentation and CRO. He has spearheaded the analytics & experimentation programs for some of the most well-known media & entertainment brands in the world. It’s not always technical, though. Some of his deepest interests lies in the “why” of questions surrounding today’s evolving digital users, and solving problems from both qualitative & quantitative perspectives.

When Alan’s not converting or optimizing, he’s spending time with his wife, watching hockey, chasing his dog, or thinking about his next 3 meals. Alan currently resides in Arkansas, but is a New Jersey native. Connect with Alan

Becci Melson

Becci comes to Cro Metrics with 7+ years experience in managing agile web projects and supporting startups. Her strengths are in the details, making sure everything is aligned, and truly caring about a client’s success. Her desire to learn more about the science behind building successful websites, led to an interest in A/B testing and later to her role at Cro Metrics as Program Manager, where she onboards clients and develops a culture of experimentation during their first few months working with Cro Metrics. Always holding a strong curiosity around technology, Becci has spent time learning how to code as well as visualize data.

During off hours, Becci enjoys spending time with friends and family (and her dog!), drinking coffee, or being outdoors. Becci is based in Richmond, VA, and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Virginia Commonwealth University. She plans to continue her education in the field of data science. Connect with Becci

Bonnie Buchanan

After completing her marketing degree from the University of South Florida, Bonnie started her career in digital publishing and advertising. Working with national and global household brands, she gained experience in managing creative solutions for business problems. An avid learner, Bonnie’s excited to continue supporting work for clients across industries and merge her creative services experience with data analysis and optimization to drive success for clients at Cro Metrics.

An outdoor enthusiast, Bonnie spends much of her time enjoying long runs, hikes, or paddles with her adventure pup. She is also keen on beating the Florida heat by perfecting smoothie bowl recipes. Connect with Bonnie

Christine Nguyen

While attending CSULB for her B.S. in Business Administration and Finance, Christine gained 7+ years of experience in banking operations and client consultation. After graduation, she widened her technical skills in UI/UX design, automation, performance testing and worked with various start-ups to test applications in development. Christine’s attention to detail, strive for efficiency, and client-focused work ethic have been valuable in her role as an Account Coordinator with Cro Metrics. Christine works closely with Product Managers to manage our experimentation process, focus on overall efficiency, and ensure high quality work for our clients. Christine is from Orange County, California. In her spare time, she enjoys board games, badminton, singing, playing piano, and going on adventures! Connect with Christine

Gayla Worrell

Gayla comes to Cro Metrics with many years of optimization experience and a background in marketing, design, and UX. As a Product Manager for Cro Metrics, she uses all of those skills to create data-driven, customer experiences for her clients. While she has worked across a number of industry verticals, including B2B SaSS, lead gen, and personalization, her hatred for unnecessary clicking drives a lifelong pursuit of the ultimate, one page, checkout system.

She lives in Half Moon Bay, CA with her wife and a house full of quilting fabric. When not working or sewing, she is usually stalking local beaches on a never-ending quest for the perfect sunset photo. Connect with Gayla


Jamie Steiner

Jamie came to product management and site optimization through her experience as a web analyst at Angie’s List and a regional appliance retailer. Even though she has a strong analytical background, she finds the behavior of users fascinating! She believes that the intersection of psychology and analytics are where the best solutions are found. Tests that perform in an unexpected manner end up being her favorites because of the learnings they bring. There are no losing tests, only winners and learners!

When not working, Jamie enjoys spending time with her niece, singing and playing music at her church, and traveling around the world. Connect with Jamie

Jennifer Lindsay

Jennifer Lindsay is originally from Vancouver BC, Canada but has made the jump to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Her love of tech has led her to join the Cro Metrics Account Team. As a Program Manager, her management and business analytic experience will come in handy as we walk you through your experimentation program. Jennifer believes transparency fosters strong relationships. She strives to listen, reflect and advocate for her team both professionally and in her personal life. Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys hiking with her dog or playing video games with her husband. Connect with Jennifer

John Stenard

John moved a lot growing up before finally settling in St Pete, Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors in Management and earned his MBA from Georgia Tech specializing in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Prior to joining Cro Metrics, John was a start-up founder, a strategy consultant, and head of product for an education company before being bought by Bain Capital.

When not developing new growth strategies and optimizing conversion for clients, John enjoys traveling with his wife and daughter, going hiking, and meeting up with friends. Connect with John

Jon Rappaport

Juking and jiving from the jump, Jon is an accomplished 10+ year digital marketing point guard. With deep experience building and executing successful strategies across multiple digital channels and industry verticals, Jon’s wealth of knowledge and experiences will pay dividends for anyone he works with. With a passion for insights and the ability to solve unique problems regarding consumer behavior, Jon leverages his diverse background of experiences to foster great relationships and forge undeniable digital experiences. Jon is proudly born and raised in Los Angeles and lives life with a west-coast state of mind. Be it surfing, hunting or hiking from the beach to the mountains, he loves to get outside and adventure. Jon graduated with a B.S. in Sports Marketing & Management from the University of Utah. Connect with Jon

Kim Young

Kim comes to Cro Metrics after spending 8 years in marketing at a large promotional products distributor. There, she got comfortable managing branding efforts for several nationally recognized brands before switching gears into marketing project management on the corporate level. Kim discovered a curiosity for A/B testing and user behavior when she took on the design and development of e-mail marketing for the company as a whole; managing e-mail marketing for more than 450 national sales representatives.Kim resides with her husband, son and beloved bulldog in the state of Maine where they enjoy running, hiking, kayaking and cruising the beautiful Maine coastline. Connect with Kim

Lauren Chapman

Lauren is a scientist turned psychologist turned marketer turned analyst. Leaving behind a traditional pre-med track in college, she decided to pursue a degree in Psychology because of her interest in trying to understand how the brain works. It wasn’t until grad school where she completed a masters in Integrated Marketing Communication that she discovered her true calling as a digital analyst. She is fascinated by the ability to use digital data to improve business performance, optimize ROI and personalize content for targeted audiences. In her 9 year career she has specialized in web analytics, site optimization and digital media measurement on both the client and agency sides. In her free time, Lauren enjoys all types of fitness pursuits. Whether it’s a half-day hike, a bike ride around town, an aerial yoga class or a morning surf session, she’ll be there! She’s also an avid traveler and spent the first 8 months of 2018 traveling through South America and Europe. Her home base is next to the pool in Southern California. Connect with Lauren

MJ Castells

MJ Castells has been committed to advancing social causes for over 10 years. Born in Ecuador but raised in Miami, she’s mainly focused her efforts in the non-profit sector but started her career in the advertising world after receiving a B.S. in Communication from Florida International University (FIU). MJ views her work from the lens of a marketer and is always thinking about ways to increase visibility for the things that matter. Her most recent roles in the nonprofit sector included Program Director and Director of Development for local LGBTQ organizations. Recently, MJ returned to FIU to receive her MBA. She’s now focused on using her skills as a manager and advocate to help clients achieve greater results. When she’s not working, MJ is often volunteering her time to local causes or spending time traveling. She lives in Miami with her partner and their small Chihuahua fur baby named Tina. Connect with MJ

Nik Budisavljevic

Nik has spent nearly 10 years building, launching, scaling, analyzing and optimizing digital channels across industries.

Nik’s primary focus is bringing together quantitative data, UX research and user psychology in order to drive substantive improvements to online experiences. He has also heavily leveraged experimentation and personalization to validate and inform design and development throughout his product career. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as niche brands scaling their digital businesses. While he has helped clients across a spectrum of industry verticals, Nik specializes in Ecommerce, Marketplaces, Travel & Entertainment.

When he’s not busy strategizing and optimizing, Nik enjoys traveling with his wife, hanging out with his dogs, watching Duke basketball, biking and kayaking.

Nik holds his B.A. from Duke University and his J.D./M.B.A. from the University of South Carolina. Connect with Nik

Ryan Lucht

Ryan got an early start in online marketing when he ran an award-winning consulting shop before finishing high school, helping everyone from local businesses to international eCommerce sites with SEO and content. After graduating from Northeastern, he began specializing in web experimentation in 2014, running a successful testing program as hire #2 at Big Interview.

Ryan brings a keen strategic eye, deep understanding of user psychology, and enthusiastic creativity to optimization. When he’s not running tests, he can be heard playing in bands around Boston, or being the most vocal Green Bay Packers fan living in Pats territory. Connect with Ryan

Sasha Kuklov

Sasha began her career as a web analyst at an online health publication. She realized how much more could be done with data after diving deep into Adobe and Google Analytics. She quickly got a taste of the exciting world of CRO and never looked back. Optimizing and creating the best possible experience for users on the web is her passion. Her experience includes supporting the conversion optimization programs and efforts for multiple clients as a Senior Conversion Optimization Specialist at Chicago based agency.

When not optimizing, Sasha likes spending time with her husband, traveling, listening to country music, and eating sushi. Connect with Sasha

Scott Sharp

Scott began his career as a full stack developer but found he enjoyed the business side of the web more than the technical side. Unsurprisingly, it was A/B testing that really flipped him.

Scott has led growth, digital marketing, and analytics for various Northeast Ohio startups, bringing a data-driven and experimental approach to growing businesses. He has run the digital marketing gamut, including search and social advertising, SEO, content marketing, and affiliates, but enjoys experimentation and analytics above all else.

Scott earned his M.B.A. from Case Western Reserve University and B.S. from Youngstown State University. Connect with Scott

Steve Meyer

Steve has a unique blend of creativity and engineering know-how that were honed throughout his past life as a full-stack web developer – traits that just happen to be a perfect fit for a product manager at Cro Metrics.

Steve joined us from an integrated marketing agency where he served for seven years as a development supervisor and digital strategist. As part of his previous role, he developed a new conversion rate optimization service offering to help clients succeed and amplify other digital marketing efforts. The product manager position was a natural fit for Steve’s combination of skills, experience, and his desire to share good news and valuable insights with clients.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys travelling and creating intricate art projects with his two young children – and he is on a quest to make the perfect fire-roasted salsa. Connect with Steve

Delivery Team

Ahmad Kayyali

Ahmad came to the United States in 2012 to study business at the University of Missouri – Columbia. While in school, he taught himself how to code which led him to earn his front end developer certificate from the Turing School of Software & Design in Denver.

Ahmad enjoys spending time exploring all that Colorado has to offer, including exploring the mountains, skating, and shooting his bow and arrow. Connect with Ahmad 

Amanda Smith

Amanda grew up in North Carolina for most of her childhood. Her earliest development efforts were building goofy HTML pages with whatever she found interesting. A high school engineering class taken on accident got her interested in game development, but after realizing she didn’t care for the sprite work or level design, she started broadening her horizons. She is excited to stretch her web development muscles and help make client sites the best they can be.

Amanda currently lives in Tennessee with her partner and their dog. When not developing, she can usually be found hunting down that last achievement in the latest video game. Connect with Amanda

Andrew Wessels

Andrew grew up in Hilo, Hawaii from the age of two. He graduated from the University of Hawaii at Hilo with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has been working primarily as a web developer ever since.

Andrew likes talking about new technology, sharing wild ideas, and working out clever solutions to complex problems. He enjoys being a teacher and mentor when he can, and likes to see others succeed.

When he is not writing code, he enjoys table tennis, skating, playing guitar, and video games. He sometimes volunteers at the East Hawaii Cultural Center, as well as the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Island. Connect with Andrew

Brian Norman

Brian was born and raised in Kearney, Nebraska and now resides in Castle Rock, CO with his wife and dog. Prior to joining Cro Metrics, Brian was a Full Stack Ecommerce Developer at Buckle, Inc. where he implemented and maintained website features, third party integrations, and a variety of automated data processes. Brian also served as the technical resource for Buckle’s web analytics and experimentation program.

When he isn’t coding up an experiment, Brian enjoys golfing, snowboarding, watching sports, home improvement projects, and occasionally binge-watching a new TV series. Connect with Brian

Chase Marlow

Chase comes to Cro Metrics with a background in front end development/design. He grew up in rural western Illinois and picked up web development through a variety of side projects in college.

Chase has spent the last few years freelancing, working at a Chicago marketing agency, and running a web design/development studio with his wife. He’s currently located in Macomb, IL where he spends his free time playing basketball, running, and enjoying his baby girl. Connect with Chase

Eric Barber

Eric Barber is a fullstack developer with an emphasis on frontend design. Based out of New Jersey he has worked for a variety of companies in the NYC area. Eric has worked with technology since high school and throughout college whilst obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a minor in Fine Arts.

Eric spends his free time with his girlfriend & two rescue dogs – usually dragging them out for long hikes! He also spends his time weightlifting – powerlifting in particular when uninjured, mountain biking, and playing guitar in a few ‘local’ bands. Typically, though, you can find Eric playing PC games from the 90’s. Connect with Eric


Maxson Plouff

As a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst at Cro Metrics, Maxson Plouff brings a penchant for innovative problem-solving, along with a well-rounded background in computer science and tech support. Maxson grew up in the small mountain town of Leavenworth, WA where he started his career as a computer repair consultant while also tutoring students in computer labs and English classes. He went on to graduate from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Currently based in sunny Fresno, CA, Maxson enjoys playing video games, visiting coffee shops, cruising the Pacific coastline, and exploring the many great State & National Parks of the western United States. Connect with Maxson