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Simple E-Newsletter Updates Boost Click-Through Rates

Teach For America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to recruiting and supporting teachers to ensure every child is able to receive an equitable education. Teach For America finds, develops, and supports a diverse network of leaders, working together to end educational inequity.

Teach For America reached out to Cro Metrics when they discovered they needed leadership and execution for their large email program after noticing declining engagement rates from their core audience.


click-through rate


click-to-open ratio

The Challenge

Teach For America provides supportive resources for teachers and school administrators. One of those resources is a biweekly email newsletter focusing on tools, tips, resources and additional opportunities. The e-newsletter shares classroom tips, lesson plan suggestions, grants and benefits such as Better Help subscriptions for educators.

We noticed that the e-newsletter’s overall click rate and read-through rate were decreasing over time. Because of the critical support and guidance found inside the newsletter, we knew we needed a solution and quickly began testing to improve engagement.

The Solution

During the initial stages of the project, we noticed that the majority of clicks were happening in the small section of the newsletter called Resources and Opportunities.

Inspired by this insight, we restructured the template of the newsletter and put all of the content into the Resources and Opportunities section. We also shortened the copy of the newsletter and made it easily skimmable.

We then performed our initial experiment, determining click-through rate as our key metric.


The simple newsletter updates made during testing resulted in a 30% increase in click-through rate. We also saw a 43% increase in the click-to-open ratio, signifying that more people were reading through the entire email.

An increase in click-through rates means that more teachers and administrators are receiving the critical resources they need for support. Plus, Teach For America is using their email newsletter and overarching lifecycle marketing strategy to build awareness and improve education for all.

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