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Optimizing the Customer Journey Increases Online Revenue 329%

An e-commerce jewelry brand leveraged Cro Metrics’ comprehensive, experiment-led approach to evolve their SMS and email strategies. They moved from simple welcome and cart abandonment emails to a holistic funnel strategy that incorporated personalized automations. This shift tailored the customer journey, enhancing engagement and increasing conversions.


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The Challenge

The e-commerce jewelry brand faced a challenge due to its basic email automation, the absence of SMS testing, and the use of an Email Service Provider (ESP) with limited personalization and testing capabilities, which restricted effective customer engagement.

The Solution

Cro Metrics migrated the client to a more customer-centric Email Service Provider (ESP), Klaviyo, and warmed the audiences to ensure a smooth transition. By enabling the Shopify integration, we leveraged the enhanced personalization and segmentation capabilities. A multi-test roadmap was established to explore and optimize various strategies and swimlanes.

The core lifecycle touchpoints, including Welcome and Abandoned Cart Flows, were rebuilt, and four additional automations were added to the mix. Testing was introduced to the SMS channel as a new swimlane to refine and optimize messaging strategies, transforming SMS from a ‘send it and forget it’ channel to one actively engaged in testing and improvement.


This strategic overhaul not only demonstrated the viability of SMS testing through a multi-test roadmap but also led to significant improvements across the board. By integrating email and SMS flows and optimizing messages with targeted personalization and continuous testing, the brand significantly enhanced its marketing effectiveness, resulting in a marked increase in lead acquisition at the top of their funnel.

The optimized Welcome Testing Roadmap drove remarkable outcomes, including a 210% revenue increase. Key test results included:

  • Testing the time of send resulted in a +21% conversion rate.
  • Using emojis versus plain text led to a +31% conversion rate.
  • Comparing MMS to plain text saw a +129% click rate.
  • Implementing a call to action (CTA) versus no CTA observed a modest +2% click rate increase.

Year-over-year comparisons were equally impressive, with a 9% higher open rate, 39% higher click rate, an extraordinary 812% increase in conversion rate, and a 566% surge in revenue per recipient. These outcomes underscore the critical role of lifecycle testing in enhancing your testing program’s impact.

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