How Bombas Increased Logins by 36%

As a leading sock and apparel brand, Bombas faced challenges with their account login process, impacting user engagement and checkout efficiency. Through their strategic testing roadmap with Cro Metrics, we optimized the customer journey for account logins, resulting in notable improvements in both logins and orders.




orders placed

We have increased our testing program’s velocity and overall ROI. This comes from improved process and education on how to identify and structure good hypothesis routed in clear customer pain points / problems. We have worked together quite well over the years, which led to more impact and more test learnings.

– Senior Director of Digital Product, Bombas

The Challenge

Bombas faced a significant issue with their account login process, as less than 2% of users were logging in before checkout. This lack of logins hindered customers’ ability to rebuy, check out, or continue previous shopping sessions efficiently.

The Solution

To address this, Cro Metrics tested changing the login icon to the text “Log In.” The hypothesis was that making the login option clearer would increase user engagement and highlight the value of logging in.


The test led to a noticeable increase in logins across all devices, with the most substantial order increase on desktops. Account creation trended positively in the double digits, and traffic to the Buy Again page increased 6x, although overall traffic to this page remained low. The primary reason for the order increase was that being logged in simplified the checkout process. Ultimately, the test resulted in 81K additional orders. Login clicks increased by 36% with 99% statistical significance on the first day, and orders reached statistical significance within 2 days. The test concluded after 7 days, meeting all sample size and statistical significance requirements.

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