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Scale your business and drive profitable growth with performance marketing that converts.

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Unlock profitable growth with Cro Metrics’ performance marketing team. Our data-backed, tech-enabled service leverages a proven experimentation framework across the full funnel that maximizes your return on ad spend at scale.

I have been searching for the perfect agency to work with my whole career and never felt like I found a true perfect partner until working with the team at Cro Metrics. It is easy to find an agency that can run your Paid, do daily optimizations, and report on numbers. But it is nearly impossible to find a team that truly feels like an extension of your marketing team, and that is exactly what you get with Cro Metrics!

– Director of Marketing and Demand Generation,

Free Program Audit and Opportunity Analysis

Ready to learn how you can quickly unlock revenue wins? If we think we can help you, we’ll audit your paid media program and provide you with our accessible opportunity analysis scorecard for free.

Stay Ahead of the Market with Experimentation

Maximize return on your advertising investment with our strategic Build-Try-Optimize framework.

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You Deserve
Data You Can Trust

Our proprietary reporting dashboard provides a transparent view into how your
paid media investment is performing against your unique business goals.

We Solved
The Attribution Problem

Learn the truth about your performance across the full funnel with customizable click and view-based attribution. Quickly pivot and capitalize on high-value channels and audiences with real-time data.

Integrate data from:

  • Your “source of truth” CRM
  • Ad platforms
  • E-commerce solutions like Shopify
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Drive Value with a
Full Funnel Strategy

Effectively and efficiently reach high-value audiences and cultivate them into customers. Our full-funnel paid media
strategies create a complete customer experience, from first introduction to repeat purchases and referrals.

Creative that Converts

Captivate and convert audiences with data-informed, human-designed creative. Our experts use strategic insights gained from thousands of tests to maximize results and reflect your unique brand voice.

Blaze An Optimal Omnichannel Path to Purchase

Stop leaving money on the table as missed opportunities to cultivate your customers pile up with disjointed campaigns channel-to-channel.

Integrated Services Compound
Revenue Impact

Unify and optimize your customers journey, every step of the digital path, with an integrated digital marketing strategy. Together, paid media, conversion rate optimization, and lifecycle marketing remove every blocker and seek out every dollar.

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