Unify Your Data with Iris

Iris streamlines collaboration, ideation, and reporting to maximize the impact of your marketing program.

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Streamlining Marketing, Sales, and Insights

Iris is a platform that combines Site Optimization, Performance & Lifecycle Marketing, and Analytics that increases sales, eliminates wasteful spending, and gives you insights into your customers and how to acquire more of them.

Program Performance
at a Glance

Understand program performance with quick views of completed experiments and campaigns including insights and revenue impact.

Reduce Your
Internal Overhead

Easy access to mockups, preview links, approval workflow, conversations, and sharing results for your experiments and campaigns.

Build a Culture of Experimentation

Easily share results and collect testing ideas from your wider team without the need to provide them access to cumbersome tools or spreadsheets.

Actionable Data That Informs Decisions Across The Enterprise

Understand holistic marketing performance and customer behavior. Address wasteful spend and double down on opportunities with attribution modeling you can trust.

Trusted by Today’s Top Brands

Your Data Unified

Our unified data methodology integrates seamlessly with all your marketing
platforms, creating true identity management with malleable attribution modeling.

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Customize Your Own Views

Custom views allow you to hone in on the information most relevant to you, your key initiatives, and other stakeholders.

Review and Approve in Record Time

Iris provides a single source of truth for managing upcoming tests. Communicate feedback, creative updates, or new priorities all in one place.

Everything You Need at Your Fingertips

All test information, preview links, and results - everything needed to successfully manage a testing program - are provided in one convenient location. No hunting around for information or discussions across multiple tools needed.