About Cro Metrics

For over a decade, Cro Metrics has helped our clients drive success through experimentation. Often referred to as “Conversion Rate Optimization” we believe experimentation goes well beyond that moniker, and much like the biggest companies on the planet (Amazon, Meta, Google, Netflix, Microsoft), experimentation is paramount to better understand their customers, mitigate risk, and scale their businesses. It is simply part of their DNA.

This DNA has permeated our own growth—while we began with Conversion Rate Optimization (hence the name Cro Metrics), we now leverage experimentation across Paid Media Management, Lifecycle Marketing, Analytics, and data infrastructure to support it all—and of course, website optimization.

This focus and commitment has led to incredible results for our clients while building long-lasting relationships. Our clients are our friends—we share in the excitement when we find a winning experiment and learn more about what their customers desire.

Cro Metrics was founded by Chris Neumann who found he was more excited about running experiments to optimize the website for the product he was building than the product itself! Chris found himself spending a lot of time at the Optimizely offices and quickly grew a passion for helping clients launch their own experimentation programs.

Over the years, the business grew to include strategists, program managers, engineers, and quality assurance specialists across a variety of disciplines. Along the way, we designed client strategies that have led to the launching of over 30,000 experiments (and thankfully, had the foresight to store them all in a database). We also created our own platform, Iris, to help manage programs and understand the impact they have. We’ve been recognized as Optimizely’s partner of the year and a Clutch 1,000 company, along with numerous other awards. But none of those accolades matter when our real passion is working with world-class clients such as Bombas, Doordash, The Clorox Company, Ring, Starz, and dozens of others to help them reach their goals and better understand their customers.

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