Iterative Experimentation Outperforms the Traditional Website Redesign

Metromile is the leading pay-per-mile car insurance company in the U.S., and one of the first innovators in disrupting the $280 billion personal auto insurance industry.


customer acquisition cost


return on investment

The Challenge

As with most innovations, market education is crucial to adoption. Having already established a robust channel experimentation program, Metromile was no stranger to testing. However, the ad hoc website testing wasn’t achieving the results they needed, so Metromile turned to Cro Metrics with the goals of lowering Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and increasing conversion rates.

The Solution

Initially, Metromile had considered a website redesign to solve its lower than expected conversion rate. After successfully lowering CAC and increasing conversions on Metromile campaign landing pages, we zeroed in on the most impactful experiments and applied these learnings by developing a series of tests to reduce friction in the primary quote funnel. Early success led to a series of iterative tests, leveraging insights based on positive customer response.


Not only did Metromile abandon its idea of a redesign, but saved a 7-figure investment in the initiative. Cro Metrics effectively redesigned the website through iterative testing, leading to a 17% reduction in CAC and 28X ROI for the program.

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