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Unified Data Uncovers Opportunities for Experiment-Led Growth

Yami (yamibuy.com) is dedicated to providing Asian snacks and food, beauty and health products, home appliances, and books to Asian Americans. Yami is the most popular one-stop shopping destination among the Chinese community in North America and has extended its reach into numerous additional markets.

The Challenge

With 1,000s of SKUs, global localized markets (predominantly Asia and North America), and a multi-channel advertising approach, In order to optimize marketing channels and reduce wasteful spend, Yami needed to make sense of its data—particularly around understanding customer intent, audience segments, acquisition targets, attribution, and repeat purchase patterns.

The Solution

Our existing relationship with Yami in launching their Conversion Rate Optimization testing program led to a natural progression to bolster their analytics and provide much-needed answers, necessary to optimizing across the entire customer lifecycle. We began by assessing Yami’s data infrastructure, analytics, and ad platforms. Leveraging our Build | Try | Optimize framework, we built a unified data schema for Yami that incorporated all website visitors, mobile app users, and marketing performance data. This enabled us to design data visualizations that address goal targets and layer in attribution modeling. We created both executive-level performance dynamic dashboards for metrics at a glance, but also granular-level performance reports with the ability to drill into specific metrics to uncover purchase patterns and surface opportunities, enabling Yami to optimize marketing efforts and reduce wasteful spending.

Also, with such a large catalog across multiple markets, it allowed us to create powerful nuanced reporting beyond just data unification. For example, on-site search is an important element of product discovery and matching customer intent. We tailored search, audience exploration, day part analysis, and other reports to Yami’s unique business and KPIs.


Yami’s entire marketing team is now empowered to better understand its customers and make informed decisions across channel efforts affecting each stage of the customer journey. One of the key reporting features is the ability to sort paid keywords by ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) allowing Yami to identify the keywords that provide a high ROAS and increase investment or conversely, rethink strategies for keywords that are losing money, and adjust bidding accordingly.

Yami can also explore the behavior of non-converters to identify potential areas for improvement. By analyzing their behavior, we’re able to identify users who abandoned their carts and find out if they returned to complete their purchase. This information is crucial in recapturing cart abandoners and improving conversion rate.

Central and unified data enables the Yami team to be strategic and make decisions exponentially faster. Analytics questions that previously took days or weeks to uncover, now are revealed in moments with new reports easily stood up. The accuracy and speed of the analytics keeps Yami ahead of its competition by accelerating optimization tactics quickly.

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