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This high-end clothing and accessory client wanted to make their website more holiday themed. In the navigation bar, the “Holidays” tab was replaced with “Gifts”. Do you think the new variation outperformed the original? Find out in this episode of The Cro Show.

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Full Transcript:

MJ Castells: So the client that I have is a high end clothing and accessory client.

The test that we were – that we’re doing is specifically around the navigation and it’s a little bit of a holiday theme one so I thought it was appropriate for today’s showcase.

It’s a pretty simple test.

The navigation bar up here basically sends the user over to like a collections page where there’s a bunch of different items that are associated to that specific navigation.

And so for the holidays, the client added a holiday navigation.

So if you can see here, this is what was added in our V0.

It just says “holiday”, you open that up, it’s got a couple of different options for gifts ideas, all sorts of things like that.

And our test, what we did was what if we changed “holiday” to “gifts”?

So a little more specific in terms of like what the collection actually included.

So our V1 is literally just changing that to “gifts”.

We ran this on both desktop and mobile, so the change here is the same; “holiday” there, our V1 is “gifts” there.

This – our primary metric was essentially clicks to this navigation.

So whether it was “holiday” or “gifts”, and then we had some some down funnel metrics to track conversions there as well.

But it was very simple.

So does anybody have any questions

Matt Vincent: Were – do you know if there are any marketing campaigns that are also driving to this page that we’re promoting either “holiday” or “gifts” in the copy?

MJ Castells: Yeah, that’s a great question.

I am not 100% sure on that.

I would imagine they had some some like paid ads and some campaigns start driving to the to the home page here.

But I don’t exactly know.

And it’s – our audience for this test was everyone, so it wasn’t specific like any kind of like paid campaign or anything like that.

Cara Binsfield: Do you think the team would expand this learning out to other marketing communications during the holiday, like in the paid media and email based on the results?

Sorry, I didn’t mean to frame that as if I was trying to get you tell me if it was the winner.

But I’m just asking if the initial thought was that this could expand out to other marketing messaging.

MJ Castells: We didn’t talk about that.

Honestly, that wasn’t something that we talked about.

I would imagine that perhaps it would.

But that wasn’t that wasn’t really like the point of conversation when we were planning the test out.

Cara Binsfield: Okay, great.

MJ Castells: Do we want to vote?

Katie Green: Does everyone feel prepared to vote?

MJ Castells: Yeah. So again, V0 is “holiday”.

V1 is “gifts”.

All right.

So this was a giant loser and it had a huge drop in clicks to that navigation item.

So in our v1 it was like nearly 50% drop at full stat sig.

So people did not like “gifts”.

Interestingly enough, though, like add to bags, product display pages, revenue mostly flat and everything else.

So it didn’t necessarily have like a huge impact on down funnel metrics.

But basically, folks don’t like “gifts”.

They prefer “holidays”.

So they kept it like that.

It’s going to stay like that through the end of the holiday season, and we’ll impact their their results going forward and their decisions going forward for next year as well.

So pretty interesting little test here.

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