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If you want want to grow your company through data-driven experimentation, you now have a more diverse set of tools to use. Optimizely Full Stack brings the ability to create and run experiments and implement learnings anywhere in your technology stack, leveraging the Optimizely interface, stats engine and developer ecosystem. If you already use Optimizely for client-side experimentation or personalization, with Optimizely Full Stack, you can also also run experiments on elements of your site that are handled by the back end, such as pricing, subscription offers, loan rates, and product discounts. You can easily split traffic and optimize a full redesign, the site’s architecture, your omnichannel marketing campaigns, and more. Optimizely Full Stack offers a very flexible range of options for experimentation.

In addition to the flexible experimentation, the key benefits of the full-stack solution are:

It’s Open

Optimizely’s open-source SDKs allow you to integrate with existing analytics tools and easily incorporate new ones. Pluggable components allow you to control your network activity, keeping your data where it belongs. No matter what server-side language you use, Optimizely Full Stack includes easy-to-use SDKs for most major platforms including Node/JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Objective-C, Android, Java, and Swift.

It’s Fast

Optimizely’s decision engine is blazing fast. The SDKs used in these new full stack tools bucket users in memory. As a result, running experiments have no impact on latency. This frees you up to run experiments anywhere, even performance-critical code paths.

It Scales

Optimizely servers allow real-time event collection and leverage Optimizely’s super-fast CDN, allowing you get your experiment results immediately. Whether you’re running 2 or 20 experiments per month, whether you have 500 or 50,000 visitors per day, Optimizely X has the horsepower to handle your site’s growth.

At Cro Metrics we partner with Optimizely to bring data to decision making and streamline your business. Contact us today to start using Optimizely to grow your company through experimentation.

It’s Ready!

Before Optimizely Full Stack, companies who wanted to test backend changes typically had to build their own A/B testing tool within their codebase. This is no small feat, and inevitably incurs significant expense that takes away from other engineering priorities while resulting (if you’re lucky) in a just-good-enough product. Now, you can choose Optimizely Stack and start your server-side experiments right away, without the expensive development and maintenance of a home-grown solution.