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Will adding in an expected pay range increase the number of users who complete their onboarding application for a cleaning service? Find out in this episode of The Cro Show.

Watch this episode of The Cro Show, a game show for conversion rate optimization and marketing experimentation fans, and see if you can guess which test variation performed better during a recent Cro Metrics client experiment.

Full Transcript:

Matt Vincent: So with this experiment, we were – we wanted to run a test for one of our For-Profit clients who looks to contract with existing cleaners and to match them up with customers looking to have their homes cleaned.

And so on this landing page, what we were looking to increase were the number of cleaners who would complete their onboarding application.

So it’s one application so here on the control, you can see that users would enter some basic information, click get started, and then they would be dropped into the onboarding funnel.

For our variation, what we did is we wanted to see what how much of a lift we could create by displaying their expected earnings or the amount that they could earn per hour by looking at their zip code.

So a user here just entered in their zip code, they would get this range spit out to them.

Then they would click get started and get dropped right back into that same funnel as users in the control.

And so the – what we wanted to do is find out what the impact would be.

And so the question here is whether or not you all think that by displaying the potential earnings that we would be able to increase the number of users entering the funnel as well as, you know, completing their – their onboarding.

So what questions do you all have?

Katie Green: I have a quick question on this, Matt.

Sorry, so just to clarify, the page load is enter zip, get started.

Page two is you can make X to X per hour get started.

Page three takes you back to the control –

Matt Vincent: Correct.

Katie Green: Which is first name like personal information.


Matt Vincent: Yes, yes, yes. Exactly.

So don’t be too distracted by the number of get started CTA clicks and whether or not you think that is a good experience or not.

It is true.

Katie Green: Matt’s like, ignore that.

Do they have to put in zip code again?

Matt Vincent: No.

Katie Green: Okay.

So it like it’s that the third step of the variation they just have put in first name, last name, email?

Correct. Okay. Thank you.

Steve Meyer: Are pay rates pretty competitive?

Like, is it enough to motivate people?

Matt Vincent: Yes.

I mean, they are competitive whether or not there are enough to motivate people – I mean, that’s kind of what the test was looking at.

Katie Green: I’m assuming this is primarily desktop that people – that your audience is.

Matt Vincent: Oh, actually, it’s desktop and mobile.

So this was run on desktop and mobile.

But I will say that the mocks were much prettier for desktops that’s why I wanted to include them here.

But it is ultimately the exact the steps are exactly the same, the only difference is that more of the copy covers the individual’s face.

Katie Green: Okay.

Matt Vincent: Again, so no judgments there, please.

Katie Green: And is that how is the audience split, though?

Is it like pretty 50/50?

Matt Vincent: It is actually more mobile.


Matt Vincent: But for this presentation, the desktop again was just more was prettier.

Katie Green: And so I’m assuming your primary metric for success is number of final submits.

Matt Vincent: Correct, successfully onboarded.

Katie Green: Okay.

Matt Vincent: Yeah…Even though that’s much further down the funnel., but that was our primary metric.

Katie Green: And I’m sure you were keeping track of all the clicks.

Matt Vincent: Yes. Yeah.

Katie Green: Great, okay. Thank you.

Matt Vincent: Yep.

Katie Green: Okay. Thumbs up, variation. Thumbs down, control.

Let’s see…

Matt Vincent: What do we got?

Oh, we got more of a split than I thought.

Katie Green: Yeah…Nhi is the only flat, I’m calling you out as the only one.

Okay, now show us results.

Matt Vincent: All right.

Oh, it was a huge lift across the board.

Drew Seman: I like that chart -I like that chart, that’s really good.

Matt Vincent: It’s very clean. Right?

Very, very clean. Yeah.

So this is a huge win overall.

And we have just been iterating off of this ever since.

So it’s, you know, really, really exciting to see this happen.

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