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In a former episode, an apparel company saw a 55% increase in log ins and 4% increase in order completions when changing the log in icon on the Home page to the words “Log In”. Do these results stand when used for a social impact fundraising company? Find out in this episode of The Cro Show.

Watch this episode of The Cro Show, a game show for conversion rate optimization and marketing experimentation fans, and learn from the Cro Metrics team on how to bring experiment-led growth to your marketing efforts.

Full Transcript:

Matt Vincent: So this test is not what you’re seeing in front of you.

This what you’re seeing in front of you was a test that Steve did.

With an apparel company, a social impact apparel company.

And we already know the results of this test because he presented it at a showcase.

Zeinoun Kawwass: Yes. And if you don’t know it, go find the other showcases. 

Matt Vincent: Right. 

And what Steve told us was by just making this one change of making that little person log in, icon to the words log in, there was a 55% increase in logins, but also a 4% increase in order completions and a 5% increase in revenue per visitor.

So I saw that and was like, oh, I have to run this test. I have a client.

This would be perfect for it happens.

Zeinoun Kawwass: That’s great.

Matt Vincent: A social impact fundraising company.

So we did the exact same thing.

Now the question, so I have to describe much, is what questions do you have for me, I guess?

And then which of these variations do you think won in this case?

Jamie Brown: What is the – does the user gain anything by actually logging in?

Like, is it faster check out?

Matt Vincent: Yeah. So yup.

Some of that information will be already included during checkout about their personal information.

But other than that, it’s not as if, like, they have anything – I mean, while they might, like, have stuff of their cart whatever and they’re wanting to log in, I don’t know.

There’s really not a ton of value in logging in.

But I also don’t know that there’s a ton more value of logging in on an e-commerce site.

But maybe there is.

Steve Meyer: So Matt, if – you if somebody creates an account, enters and wanted you know, donates does it save they’re kind of like payment information stuff so the next time they come back makes it easier?

Matt Vincent: Not necessarily paint some like personal information, not necessarily payment information.

And they have a history.

They can see their order history.

Zeinoun Kawwass: Right.

So like these repeat sort of donors, it’s a valuable thing.

Matt Vincent: Right, to kind of see your history.

But really, there’s not much more in there, it is in Shopify.

So it’s like sort of limited by what they can present there.

Zeinoun Kawwass: What metrics were you measuring here?

Like, what’s the goal?

Matt Vincent: So for that -so mostly we’re definitely measuring like logins.

Like that’s like our number one here.

But also we’re looking at some revenue metrics like average donation amount and then revenue per visitor like those sorts of things.

Steve Meyer: What percentage of traffic is new versus return?

Matt Vincent: I would – roughly speaking, when it comes to overall traffic, the vast majority of it is new.

But the – in terms of the traffic that’s actually checking out as mostly returning.

If that’s helpful.

Steve Meyer: Sure.

Zeinoun Kawwass: Are we ready to vote?

Matt Vincent: Okay.

Zeinoun Kawwass: Let’s do it.

Matt Vincent: Will we see this concept succeed?

Yeah, so we did see logins go up, but yeah, naw, we took a hit to order completions and revenue per visitor.

We actually had to end this test a little early than we normally do because it just wasn’t driving the results that I had promised because of what Steve had promised me.

So it’s unfortunate.

Zeinoun Kawwass: That’s great.

That’s that power of testing!

Steve Meyer: It’s a great case study.

Matt Vincent: Yeah. Yes.

Drew Seman: Yeah, it is.

Steve Meyer: Yeah.

Drew Seman: You should combine this into something.

Zeinoun Kawwass: Yeah.

I love that – one idea that might work for someone might not work for someone else.

Steve Meyer: There’s no such thing as a best practice.

Matt Vincent: But honestly, really, that the true takeaway for this was like, okay, so we know we’re driving more people to log in, but like, how can we actually make the account experience better that actually like promotes more experiences and, and so there’s actually like unlocked a lot more for us to test, which is great.

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