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This SAAS company had a 30% increase in free to paid conversions by making this one switch. What do you think it was? Check out this episode of The Cro Show to see if you’re correct.

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Full Transcript:

Erin McElwee: Today we’re going to talk about a SAAS company and you won’t believe that we increased free to paid conversions by over 30%.


So this client is a SAAS company, so they provide a service online or software as a service online.

And they came to us wanting to increase their free trial signups and then also increase the conversion from free trials to paid accounts.

So during the onboarding process, we, we uncovered that people that were engaging with the pricing page had a higher conversion rate between free trial and accounts.

So what we wanted to test was including pricing in their top nav because they did not have that when they came to us.

The pricing link that you see up there was located under the products dropdown in the primary navigation in the control.

So what we did was just take that pricing element out of that dropdown, put it in the top level nav with the hypothesis that if we had more people engaging with the pricing page, we would increase not only free trials, but the free trial to paid account conversion rate.

James Buo: Did it actually include the pricing or was it a like a CTA to like reach out to learn more?

Totally irrelevant –

Erin McElwee: They included the pricing.

James Buo: Okay.

Erin McElwee: Yeah.

So it would you were able to input the number of users you would want for your company and then it would tell you what price per user that would equate to.

James Buo: Okay.

So it was it was actually like a useful link too once you got there?

Erin McElwee: Yeah.

James Buo: Perfect.

Zeinoun Kawwass: In V0, the pricing was sort of like hidden in the submenu.

Erin McElwee: Yes.

So the pricing was – you couldn’t see it from the top level navigation.

So you really had to click into products in order to see that.

Zeinoun Kawwass: Awesome.

All right.

Are we ready to vote?

Let’s do it.


Erin McElwee: So you all are correct.

Which I think it’s the degree in which the the lift in the results, the surprising part.

So I will say that due to low traffic, we didn’t reach stat sig on trial to paid conversion rates, but it was a lift.

We ran this for a month and a half and the lift in trial to paid conversion rate was up 32% and the conversion rate to trial starts was full significance at 37.6% lift.

And then of course, the engagement with the pricing CTA was up full confidence at 68%.

That’s awesome.

Yeah, super simple, but pretty big down funnel improvements.

That’s so cool.

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