Fundraising Season 2021: 6 Things Trending in Email

Curious to find out how top social good organizations made the most of fundraising with email marketing in 2021? Read more to discover the top 6 trends.

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4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates & Improve Your Shopping Experience

Are you doing any of the following things on your website?

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Conversion Rate Optimization is Critical to Online Marketing Success

The essence of marketing is to entice new and repeat customer purchases. The smaller the marketing spend and the greater the sales, the higher the profit margins.

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If you want insane revenue growth, make your New User Experience insanely great

I love it when there’s wisdom in advertising. Take those old Head & Shoulders commercials about how “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The idea behind these ads was that positive (and dandruff-free) encounters with new people could pave the way for great relationships moving forward.

It’s a concept that translates into the business world pretty well.

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Case Study: Mobile Email Capture

Not all A/B tests are about turning buttons red or green. Here's a quick rundown on one of the more interesting experiments we've run lately.

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It’s Like Walking the Yellow Brick Road Without Ruby Slippers!

In The Wizard of Oz, the people living in Oz have never actually seen the Wizard. Yet he affects everything about how the city is run. Minus the Wizard, Oz would be a colorless town, not a destination that transforms lives.

Optimization is like Oz. It's a high ROI item with a definite, measurable return. You don't see it, but without it, your customer funnels will decline over time because you'll have no compelling competitive advantage: content, design and flow that stamp your website as unique, just like your product or service.

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Make Monitoring Your Business Automatic

Unless you're analytical by nature, dealing with business metrics may seem mind-numbingly mundane or induce hair-pulling frustration. How much more exciting to focus on branding, business development, new products in the pipeline...

Yet the numbers tell the story. Knowing your metrics means understanding your business.

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