You know you need to be running a Conversion Rate Optimization (experimentation) program, but how do you best qualify a partner to help you be successful and create a culture of experimentation? After running hundreds of programs, and 30,000+ experiments for world-class clients such as Bombas, Clorox, Doordash, Ring, and Starz, we’ve learned through hard-earned experience what makes programs not only run smoothly but drive amazing ROI.

Here are some questions you might consider asking when seeking a partner to help you do the same.

Company and Team

  • What % of your team is dedicated to site experimentation? Please give a breakdown of the team that will work on our program across strategy, design & build, and quality assurance. How does each role contribute to our success?
  • What is your retention rate for clients?
  • What is your company culture like? What are your values and how do those translate to your clients?
  • What’s it like to work with you day-to-day? What can we expect?
  • What do we need to provide on our end to ensure the program is successful?

Experience and Expertise

  • How do you design experimentation programs to help your clients grow and reach their goals?
  • What is your win rate for new and long-term clients?
  • How many experiments have you run to statistical significance over the past year for your clients?
  • What is your experience with more advanced experimentation such as personalization, testing into new products, pricing sensitivity, and new markets?
  • What other services do you offer that will aid our program and help us grow faster?


  • What experimentation platforms do you support? How do you help onboard clients to new platforms?
  • What platforms and tooling do you provide to help run experimentation more efficiently?

We hope this list is helpful in your evaluations. If you’re looking for your next partner to drive experiment-led growth, please reach out!