“The thing about the Cro Metrics team, in my experience, is that they are all A players. They are an extended part of our team at TinTri and I don’t know what we would do without them.”


– Scott Buchanan, VP Marketing, TinTri
Cro Metrics Client since July 2016

500% Revenue Growth

over an 18-month period
(SaaS company)

+24% Y/Y Conversion Rate Increase

and exceeded sales target by 30% in December
(eCommerce company)

90% Cost per Lead Reduction

from Facebook mobile
(consumer Internet company)

87% of Cro Metrics clients say they would recommend us to others.

“It has been such a pleasure working with the team and seeing the results here at Ring. Your service is outstanding. Your enthusiasm for our business, your ideas, and the Cro Metrics team are second to none.”

– David Kaye, VP, Global Ecommerce and Subscription, Ring

“I’m really liking the timely service, ease of discussions and nature of the advice.”

– Jeremy Tompkins, Les Mills International

“I am able to count on Cro Metrics to turn around things within Optimizely running 100% faster than internal teams can put up on site, making us much more nimble than we have been.”

– Drew Seman, Sierra Club

“Cro Metrics has made a meaningful, ROI-positive impact on our business from day 1. We would not be well on our way to building a robust company culture of experimentation without their involvement. Lovely people to work with + deep expertise in all things A/B testing. Cro Metrics is critical to the success of our growth team.”

– Craig Battin, Earnest

“Everyone we’ve worked with has been more than competent – technical expertise and experience with testing have helped us test faster and find wins more quickly than originally anticipated.  Also, you consider looking out for our best interest – even if it requires a little extra work on your part – as a basic part of your job. (Not all companies do.)”

– Jennifer Wright Allen, Cutco

“[They] always have the client’s best interest in mind.”

– Thomas Berryman, Soft Health Technologies

“Everything I’ve seen so far from the Cro Metrics team is high-quality and professional. Their advice is valuable and delivered quickly and frankly. Looking forward to what we can achieve together.”

– Dana Kitrelle, Product Mgr, Taulia

“Chris and his team are a pleasure to work with and deliver a ton of value at a great price. They are super creative, responsible and organized. To be successful, CRO will need close collaboration with your employees, but they will be an incredible force multiplier for whoever is working on improving conversion.”

– Jeremy Karmel, Growth Product Mgr, Hired.com

We deliver a significant ROI in each of our engagements.

If we don’t feel we can add value, we won’t take you on as a client.

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