“The thing about the CROmetrics team, in my experience, is that they are all A players. They are an extended part of our team at TinTri and I don’t know what we would do without them.”


– Scott Buchanan, VP Marketing, TinTri
CROmetrics Client since July 2016

> 500% revenue growth

in 18 months at a SaaS targeting SMBs

+24% Y/Y conv. rate

increase and exceeded sales target by 30% in December for niche e-commerce retailer

80% cost reduction

increase and exceeded sales target by 30% in December for niche e-commerce retailer

50% profit increase

in 4 months for a SaaS in a mature & competitive category of the company’s performance, growth and revenue in the long run

90% cost reduction

per lead from Facebook mobile traffic for a consumer internet company

Our NPS score from 44 clients over the last year is an astounding 87!

“Everything I’ve seen so far from the CROmetrics team is high-quality and professional. Their advice is valuable and delivered quickly and frankly. Looking forward to what we can achieve together.”

Dana Kitrelle, Product Mgr, Taulia

“Smart people, very helpful, they know Optimizely better than anyone! Great to work with.”

Lauren Halbrich, Digital Mktg Mgr, Mogl

“You guys are great. Hope you enjoy a high NPS!”

Bob Glotfelty, Director Marketing, Taulia

“Chris and his team are a pleasure to work with and deliver a ton of value at a great price. They are super creative, responsible and organized.To be successful CRO will need close collaboration with your employees but they will be an incredible force multiplier for whoever is working on improving your site’s conversion.”

Jeremy Karmel, Growth Product Mgr, Hired.com

“Working with you guys is a million times better than arguing about opinions.”

Thomas Feagin, Web Developer, Thomsons Safaris

“Proven and improved conversion rates and performance “10 – Very analytical and technical with good insights.”

Theresa Lee, Design Director, Dodocase

“Chris is 1) an expert in the field and 2) easy to get long/work with. He’s been instrumental is helping us develop a growth strategy and providing us with the tools to streamline and execute on it.”

Vish Natarajan, Marketing & Sales, Feed.fm

“Chris, Brian, and team have been instrumental in helping us improve our engagement metrics. They have great ideas and do most of the work for us. :)”

Susan Bloomberg, Analytics and Monetization Manager, Trulia

We expect to deliver tremendous results in every single one of our engagements. If we don’t feel we can add value, we won’t take you on as a client.

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