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Google Testing Ads in AI Overviews


Google is experimenting with including ads in AI Overviews, a new feature that integrates Search and Shopping ads into AI-generated content boxes appearing at the top of search results for complex queries. This initiative, announced at Google Marketing Live 2024, aims to provide relevant sponsored content within the AI Overviews without requiring additional action from advertisers. Existing Search, Performance Max, and Shopping campaigns will automatically be eligible.


While AI Overviews experienced a bumpy, error-prone start, trust that Google will refine and lean into this feature in the coming weeks. The development offers an opportunity for enhanced ad visibility and engagement. However, it could also lead to reduced click-through rates as more information is provided directly within search results. Monitor these changes closely and test strategy changes accordingly. AI will continue to play a bigger role in Google Ads, so companies must adapt or be left behind.

Bringing Google Ads Creative to Life with New Immersive Ad Experiences 


Ads need to be relevant and helpful to build consumer confidence and prompt sales. At Google Marketing Live, the ad network giant unveiled a number of new generative AI ad creative features that help produce immersive experiences. Soon, advertisers can enrich their Google Ads Shopping ads with advanced features like Virtual Try-On and 3D visuals. Another new feature will enable shoppers to explore ads more deeply, accessing product videos, detailed summaries, and similar product recommendations, creating a more interactive and convincing shopping journey.


The integration of Google Ads new creative features presents a significant opportunity to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions. Many of these features will require advertisers to reassess their resourcing needs and potentially identify efficiencies. Early adopters of these features are likely to see outpaced improvements in ad performance.

The Promise of Pinterest for Advertisers in 2024


Pinterest, often overlooked in favor of giants like Meta, reached a key milestone in Q1, exceeding 500 million active users for the first time. Also, the company’s ad revenue has steadily increased year-over-year since 2017. Such results beg the question: Should you advertise on Pinterest?

Following are a few key considerations when deciding if advertising on Pinterest is right for your company:

  • More than 69% of users are female.
  • The U.S. is Pinterest’s biggest market with nearly 90 million users.
  • The U.S. and Canada account for Pinterest’s highest revenue per user ($6).
  • Users evenly span key age groups.
  • Users are more willing to purchase fashion, snacks, and home products, compared to the general population.


If you’re selling non-essential products to women of any age group in the U.S., consider testing an ad buy on Pinterest. The platform offers relatively less competition for ad space, compared to Meta, suggesting ad spend can prove more cost-effective. Consider first testing a top-of-funnel brand awareness campaign, and compare performance against similar Meta campaigns by consistent KPIs.

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