New Paid Media Strategy Cuts Conversion Costs

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New Paid Media Strategy Cuts Conversion Costs

Significant decrease in CAC by leveraging key strategies including automated location targeting and value-based bidding.

Vector Marketing is a direct selling subsidiary company and the domestic sales arm of CUTCO Corporation, a high-quality cutlery manufacturer. Over 15 million people use CUTCO in their kitchens daily.

Recently, Vector required a new paid media partner that was responsive and willing to work with the company to reach its goals of reducing conversion costs. As long-time partners, Vector and Cro Metrics expanded into paid media based on the success of previous conversion rate optimization work.


decrease in recruitment cost

You’re willing to understand our business before just tossing ‘best practices’ into the mix. I’ve never felt stupid for asking questions and appreciate how transparent you are about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what is and isn’t working. I feel like you’re genuinely working to get us better results, not just trying to find ways for us to spend more money.

–  Jennifer Allen, National Manager of Digital Testing and Analytics Vector Marketing

The Challenge

Sourcing new job applicants is critical for Vector Marketing’s success. However, at the beginning of this project, conversion costs for sourcing had drastically increased due to issues out of the company’s control.

Recruitment costs were already higher before COVID-19 took hold in 2019. However, as the pandemic intensified, so did the volatility and unpredictability of recruitment costs across all industries. The same was true for Vector, a company that thrives on consistent team growth.

In addition to increasing costs, Vector’s previous agency had made several big mistakes and failed to rectify them quickly. And unfortunately, the account manager seemed unaware of previous conversations and decisions made by their predecessor.

All of this combined to become the perfect storm, limiting the number of new applicants and employees Vector was able to recruit. As a result, the company was struggling to fill its sales pipelines and meet its growth goals.

The Solution

Cro Metrics partnered with Vector Marketing to overhaul the company’s existing paid media strategy. We started by performing an extensive audit, providing recommendations, and restructuring the strategy during the first month.

In the months to follow, we deployed best-in-class analytics, automated bidding, and ad strategies. Other accomplishments included:

– Reorganization of the account based on top-performing ads

– Development of an in-depth plan to track downstream conversions and conversion value

– Implementation of a new locations automation script to make 44,000 ad changes each month to support dynamic sales pipeline demand at the different sales offices throughout the nation

– Implementation of value-based bidding using conversion value from each conversion in the business cycle


As a result of our partnership, Vector Marketing experienced a 13% decrease in cost per recruit when comparing costs from 2018-2019 and 2021-2022, which allows them to continue to rely on paid media as one of its key recruiting channels.

While this decrease is a clear result of the paid media overhaul, Vector also contributes the success to our focus on partnering with our clients instead of simply treating them as revenue generators.

Throughout our relationship with Vector Marketing, we remained open and honest, always willing to answer the team’s questions. We were also transparent, consistently sharing the “why” behind each step we took.

Just like in any other project we take on, we made sure each move we made was right for Vector and how the company conducts business. After all, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to paid media strategy—all businesses are unique.

Platforms and Tools:

– Google Ads Bulk Actions Scripts

– Offline Conversions

– Google Analytics Important Conversions

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Unified Data Uncovers Opportunities for Experiment-Led Growth

The Challenge

Yami ( is dedicated to providing Asian snacks and food, beauty and health products, home appliances, and books to Asian Americans. Yami is the most popular one-stop shopping destination among the Chinese community in North America and has extended its reach into numerous additional markets.

With 1,000s of SKUs, global localized markets (predominantly Asia and North America), and a multi-channel advertising approach, In order to optimize marketing channels and reduce wasteful spend, Yami needed to make sense of its data—particularly around understanding customer intent, audience segments, acquisition targets, attribution, and repeat purchase patterns.

The Solution

Our existing relationship with Yami in launching their Conversion Rate Optimization testing program led to a natural progression to bolster their analytics and provide much-needed answers, necessary to optimizing across the entire customer lifecycle. We began by assessing Yami’s data infrastructure, analytics, and ad platforms. Leveraging our Build | Try | Optimize framework, we built a unified data schema for Yami that incorporated all website visitors, mobile app users, and marketing performance data. This enabled us to design data visualizations that address goal targets and layer in attribution modeling. We created both executive-level performance dynamic dashboards for metrics at a glance, but also granular-level performance reports with the ability to drill into specific metrics to uncover purchase patterns and surface opportunities, enabling Yami to optimize marketing efforts and reduce wasteful spending.

Also, with such a large catalog across multiple markets, it allowed us to create powerful nuanced reporting beyond just data unification. For example, on-site search is an important element of product discovery and matching customer intent. We tailored search, audience exploration, day part analysis, and other reports to Yami’s unique business and KPIs.


Yami’s entire marketing team is now empowered to better understand its customers and make informed decisions across channel efforts affecting each stage of the customer journey. One of the key reporting features is the ability to sort paid keywords by ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) allowing Yami to identify the keywords that provide a high ROAS and increase investment or conversely, rethink strategies for keywords that are losing money, and adjust bidding accordingly.

Yami can also explore the behavior of non-converters to identify potential areas for improvement. By analyzing their behavior, we’re able to identify users who abandoned their carts and find out if they returned to complete their purchase. This information is crucial in recapturing cart abandoners and improving conversion rate.

Central and unified data enables the Yami team to be strategic and make decisions exponentially faster. Analytics questions that previously took days or weeks to uncover, now are revealed in moments with new reports easily stood up. The accuracy and speed of the analytics keeps Yami ahead of its competition by accelerating optimization tactics quickly.


Understanding Customers Across A Non-Traditional Funnel

The Challenge

WOW! is a leading provider of high-speed internet, cable TV, and phone services in the United States. With a mission to provide reliable and affordable services to its customers, WOW! has been consistently delivering exceptional connectivity solutions for over two decades.

WOW! has a unique business model in that its products and services are limited to serviceable geographic areas. As such, they need to understand how to best reach their target customers and ensure an ideal customer experience for those who are within their ideal customer profiles. As one can imagine, the customer journey and onsite experience are fraught with nuances in aspiring to this goal.

The Solution

Due to the unique customer journey, a typical funnel analysis wasn’t going to suffice. We began by ensuring we were properly capturing and collecting data, and that analytics were configured optimally against customer use cases and KPIs. This included incorporating website analytics and marketing data into a data warehouse. From there, we configured multi-dimensional funnel analyses, allowing for filtering based on key attributes such as geography, traffic source, device, product and service types. Because determining customer serviceability is complex, we created visualizations to easily understand each aspect of the customer journey. This reporting evolved to include comparison metrics based on key events, such as market shifts, a site redesign, and a CMS integration.

Because we’ve also been WOW!‘s Conversion Rate Optimization partner since 2019, we leveraged analytics to provide longitudinal performance and key insights derived through A/B testing.


WOW! has plenty of data, but they weren't sure how to use it to improve their marketing efforts. For example, how to measure whether efforts to improve page speed are having an impact on conversion. Or identifying break points in the funnel and separating out increased traffic from existing customers, versus new customer targeting. By removing confounding variables, these visualizations allow WOW! to extract signal from the noise and get a clearer picture of what is driving conversions.

WOW! now has readily accessible data to drive key business decisions—particularly understanding how consumers use the site and how best to position the site across consumer and business markets, and how to best understand product and service adoption, upgrades, and upsells.

We continue to actively work with the WOW! team, providing analysis, and iteration on their reporting tools, helping them uncover and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

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