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Brand Growth Remains Key: Here’s What the Numbers Say

Kantar’s new “Blueprint For Brand Growth” report draws on 10 years of data to highlight the most impactful strategies for brand growth. Key takeaways include understanding consumer attitudes and purchasing behaviors, leveraging data analytics, and focusing on long-term brand development. Successful brands invest in innovation, maintain strong customer relationships, and adapt to market changes.

Brands can utilize these strategies to drive growth by:

  • Leveraging Data Analytics:
    Investing in advanced data analytics allows brands to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior, optimize marketing efforts, and improve decision-making. Data-driven strategies help identify key trends, personalize customer interactions, and enhance overall marketing effectiveness.
  • Enhancing Customer Relationships:
    Building strong customer relationships through personalized and consistent engagement fosters brand loyalty and advocacy. Implementing loyalty programs that reward repeat purchases and encouraging positive online reviews can improve brand perception and customer retention.
  • Focusing on Long-Term Development:
    Emphasizing long-term brand development ensures sustained growth and market relevance. Brands can integrate online and offline experiences, increase investment in top-of-funnel advertising to expand their customer base, and create a seamless customer journey across all channels to build long-term loyalty and drive sustained growth.

Best eCommerce Strategies for Winning on Marketplaces

Feedonomics highlights successful eCommerce strategies, including optimizing product listings, leveraging feed management tools for automation, using data analytics for informed decisions, and ensuring excellent customer service. The article emphasizes the importance of detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, competitive pricing, and responsive support. Disclaimer: Here at Cro Metrics, we’ve managed paid media for a number of clients that use Feedonomics.

Brands can improve their marketplace performance by:

  • Optimizing Product Listings:
    Detailed product descriptions and high-quality images enhance visibility and attractiveness of products. Ensuring product information is accurate and comprehensive can improve search rankings and customer trust.
  • Leveraging Automation Tools:
    Utilizing feed management tools automates listing updates and ensures product information is consistent across all platforms. Automation helps streamline operations and reduces the risk of errors, allowing brands to focus on strategic growth initiatives.
  • Using Data Analytics:
    Analyzing sales data and customer behavior helps brands optimize pricing strategies, identify high-performing products, and tailor marketing campaigns for better results. Data-driven insights enable more effective decision-making and improved ROI.
  • Ensuring Excellent Customer Service:
    Responsive and helpful customer service builds a strong reputation and fosters customer loyalty. Providing timely support and resolving issues efficiently can lead to positive reviews and repeat business.

Enhancing Ecommerce: Powered by Connected Packaging

This article from Marketing Communication News highlights the benefits of connected packaging, which integrates digital experiences with physical product packaging. It utilizes QR codes to provide customers with access to exclusive deals, product information, interactive content, and loyalty programs. This approach not only enhances customer engagement but also collects valuable first-party data.

Brands can leverage connected packaging to enhance customer engagement and loyalty by:

  • Integrating QR Codes on Packaging:
    Embedding QR codes on product packaging allows customers to easily access additional content, exclusive offers, and interactive experiences. This seamless connection between physical and digital touchpoints can enhance the customer experience and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Gathering First-Party Data:
    Connected packaging provides a valuable opportunity to collect first-party data directly from customers. This data can be used to personalize marketing efforts, improve product offerings, and build deeper customer relationships.
  • Streamlining the Purchasing Process:
    By offering interactive experiences through connected packaging, brands can simplify the purchasing process and provide added value to customers. This integration can lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

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