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Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences With Personalization Programs by Cro Metrics

Customers want an online experience tailored to their needs and desires. And many businesses are striving to personalize every inch of their websites and customer touchpoints.

There’s some truth behind the push for personalization: The majority of consumers, 80%, are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. This proves that customizing the experience to fit your specific audience should be on your radar, right? Not necessarily.

Experimentation Must Come Before Personalization

A completely personalized experience isn’t always right for every business and every customer. Just like any other business decision you make, personalization should be validated through experimentation.

At Cro Metrics, we believe you learn best by experimenting using personalization elements to determine what works—not the other way around.

Personalization Programs Custom-Tailored to Fit Your Business

You require a solid optimization program that includes a personalization element. That’s the way to reach your conversion goals. Cro Metrics provides expert, custom-tailored personalization programs that fit your business.

The Cro Way: Accessing Your Personalization Maturity Level
We start by accessing your personalization maturity level in terms of your business data, customer data, and what you know about your website visitors. We then tailor a personalization program around those insights.

For example, if you don’t have any data at all or your data is scattered, we’ll begin by testing low-level personalization tactics. These tactics may include personalization based on customer demographics.

If you have high-quality data analytics, we’ll test more advanced tactics to boost your conversion rate optimization program, such as product recommendations based on customer purchase history.

Conversion rate optimization doesn’t stop at your website. At Cro Metrics, we follow a holistic approach to put together a roadmap that includes your website, paid media services, and email marketing.

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To truly optimize your website and provide the experience your visitors desire, you must experiment to see what works. Cro Metrics will help you create a personalization program that truly fits your business. Learn more about our programs by reaching out to our team today.