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Data-Driven Customer Persona Development by Cro Metrics

Do you truly know who your target customer is? Do you understand what drives them to choose a specific product or service over another? Do you know which messages will resonate with them the most?

If you can’t answer these questions, it’s impossible to market to your audience or make business decisions that move the needle. It’s also impossible to offer the personalized web experiences your customers expect and desire. Data-driven customer persona development is the answer.

You may already have personas in your arsenal. Unfortunately, businesses try to determine who their customer is based on anecdotal evidence. This isn’t enough. Instead, you need data to lead the way.

Why Data-Driven Customer Persona Development?

Here at Cro Metrics, we believe that every decision you make should be driven by your data. This is especially true when determining who to target. Data helps you uncover deep insights about your customers that go further than demographics. As a result, you can:

  • Build audience segments for precision marketing and experimentation campaigns
  • Gain data-driven insights into your highest leverage customers
  • Improve ROI and reduce CAC of marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Impact long-term customer metrics such as lifetime value, customer churn and RFM metrics

How Does Cro Metrics Do Data-Driven Persona Development?

Our Process

Project Kick-Off
Our process starts by gaining insight into your business goals for persona development. We’ll also discuss what you can expect and project timelines.

Customer Segmentation Discovery
We’ll use current information about your customers to segment them into groups based on common characteristics and behavior.

Data Discovery
Through discovery, we’ll analyze your current data to uncover what’s missing and what value we can glean to help develop your personas.

Persona Identification
Using the data we gathered during discovery, we’ll begin to identify your unique personas, including user cohorts based on purchase intent, product affinity and other business-specific indicators. We’ll use the identified customer segments as a starting point and utilize our data-driven process to guide us towards the most effective personas for your business cases.

Persona Segment Definition
Once we define your personas, we work to create a reliable and repeatable way to segment the users, for the project at hand and for future reporting. This often takes the form of several data definitions. And when they’re used together, you can recreate the persona in your analytics platform.

Visualization of Personas
We’ll use tech tools such as Google Data Studio, Power BI and Tableau to build in-depth visualizations of your personas. This ensures your marketing and experimentation team has a simple tool to guide their efforts.

Roadmap for Implementation & Integration
Finally, we’ll create a roadmap that illustrates how you can leverage your identified personas to reach business goals based on data.


  • Visualization of identified personas
  • Suggestions for leveraging identified personas
  • Solution design document for next steps and implementation

Start Connecting With Your Customers Today With Cro Metrics

You need precision in your marketing and experimentation efforts to truly connect with your target audience. Data-driven persona development can help you get there. To learn more about persona development or for answers to your questions, reach out to our expert team today.