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Power Your Growth Through Data With Visualization Services by Cro Metrics

Data—it’s the very thing that powers any solid experimentation program. Without it, it’s impossible to see the trends, shortcomings and patterns that can make or break your business.

Unfortunately, many businesses still rely on faulty spreadsheets and clunky analytics tools that lack real-time views of their critical data. This leads to a distrust in what should be their single source of truth.

At Cro Metrics, we offer expert data visualization services to help you gather all of your important data in one place quickly and efficiently.

The Benefits of Improving Your Data Visualization

Lengthy and cumbersome spreadsheets often require a costly analyst to dig deeper and find the insights you need to move the needle. And standard reporting results in a data lag of 1-2 days, which prevents your ability to pivot quickly to meet business needs.

Data visualization is the answer. Through visualization, you’ll be able to develop a world-class analytics program that enables you to:

  • Uncover reporting insights not available through traditional tooling
  • Interact with and explore dynamic data sets
  • Foster discussion among stakeholders and collaborators
  • Tell compelling stories about your users, campaigns and initiatives
  • Quickly and precisely surface important insights
  • Join data from multiple sources into a single reporting view
  • Communicate performance and changes clearly to stakeholders

How Cro Metrics Does Data Visualization

From clarifying your experimentation KPIs to developing an in-depth and user-friendly analytics dashboard, Cro Metrics does it all. Whatever your business objective, our team is ready to help you build a strong data platform you can use to reach your goals.

Our Process

Project Kick-Off
We start by diving deep into your goals for visualization and how our team can best support you. We’ll also go over what you can expect and timelines.

Data Discovery
Through discovery, we’ll analyze your current data sets to discover constraints you’re currently working with and the value we might be able to uncover.

User Story Identification
Using those constraints and your goals, we’ll define specific business needs that each visualization will satisfy.

Data Utilization
We’ll wrangle your data into a format that’s easy to use for the creation of your dashboards.

Requirements Development
Using that data, we’ll outline and draft your dashboard and metrics as well as the stories they will tell.

Dashboard Creation
We’ll expertly build out your dashboard using whatever tooling works best for your needs. We’re experts in Google Data Studio, Power BI and Tableau.

Feedback & Revisions
We’ll present the dashboard to stakeholders and revise it to align with your original goals if required.


  • Business Questions, Objectives, and User Stories
  • Business Requirements
  • Dashboards and Visualizations
  • Dashboard Training

Let Us Help You Build a World-Class Analytics Program Today

Take control of your data to power business growth with Cro Metrics. To learn more about our data visualization services or to get started today, reach out to our team.