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Data Auditing, Collection & Utilization Optimization by Cro Metrics

Is your data reaching its full potential?

It’s a question that can only be answered through analytics instrumentation. Many businesses allow legacy systems to build over time, leaving them to question their data—the only insights they have into customer behavior. As a result, they fly blind when it comes to making website decisions.

Without a data roadmap, it’s impossible to answer questions such as, “Is a new product performing well?” and “Did our paid advertising campaign drive new sales?”. Redundant data and clunky event naming stop here. Allow us to help you develop a single source of truth, so you can reach your business goals.

Data Auditing: Is Your Data Trustworthy?

Through data auditing, we can provide peace of mind that your analytics platform is truly the source of truth it should be. Our full-scale audits search through your analytics platform and website to confirm that everything is working as intended.

Our Data Auditing Process

  • Project Kick-Off
  • Definition of Business Cases and Known Issues
  • Creation of Analytics Stakeholder User Stories
  • Audit of Analytics Platform for Configuration Issues
  • Audit of Data for Validity and Quality
  • Creation of an Analytics Solutions Design Document


  • Analytics Stakeholder User Stories
  • Audit Report of Analytics Platform
  • Analytics Solutions Document With Current Issues and Recommendations

Data Collection: Are You Leaving Valuable Data on the Table?

Some teams are unfocused in their data collection, trying to collect every piece of data that comes their way. Other teams are not collecting enough data to gather true insights. Cro Metrics can help your team determine which pieces of information you should gather and how to do it in a way that generates the most value for your business.

Our Data Collection Process

  • Project Kick-Off
  • Definition of Business Cases and Customer User Stories
  • Creation of a Data Collection Strategy Document
  • Audit of Existing Data Collection Implementation
  • Creation of Solutions Design Document With Recommendations


  • Customer User Stories
  • Data Collection Strategy Document
  • Data Collection Solutions Document With Implementation Suggestions

Data Utilization: Is Your Data Going Unleveraged?

Are you collecting data just for it to sit in your analytics tool? Perhaps you don’t have a strategy in place or your data is separated in a way that it can’t interact to form anything useful. We can help you develop a data utilization strategy to combine your data, so you can glean insights that move the needle.

Our Process

  • Project Kick-Off
  • Definition of Business Cases
  • Creation of a Data Usage Strategy Document
  • Audit of Existing Data Usage
  • Creation of Solutions Design Document With Recommendations


  • Data Strategy Business Cases
  • Data Usage Strategy Document
  • Data Leverage Solutions Design Document

Why Choose Cro Metrics?

Cro Metrics is one of the only teams providing analytics services that touch hundreds of millions of user sessions every single day. We also work with all major analytics platforms, including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Segment and Tealium.

Plus, our collaboration with experimentation, marketing and engineering teams helps us optimize solutions for maximum client return with minimal effort. Need help fixing any of the issues we uncover during auditing, collection or utilization? We can do that too.

Call Cro Metrics Today for Expert Analytics Instrumentation

Let us help you take back the power of your data to reach your business goals through analytics instrumentation. To learn more about our services or to get started today, reach out to our expert team.