Understanding your customer’s journey is critical for making strategic marketing and business decisions. That path only becomes clear when you have actionable insights based on accurate and accessible analytics.

At Cro Metrics we help you make sense of your data by taking a holistic view of your customer and their path to purchase. By leveraging customer segments, channel attribution and user behavior, we empower your team to make informed decisions to maximize your marketing spend, optimize your website and other channels, and create data-driven hypotheses for website experimentation.

Platform Selection & Assessment

Cro Metrics is completely platform agnostic. We work with best-of-breed MarTech analytics providers such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Heap and others. Our analytics experts conduct thorough analyses into your conversion funnels and customer journey lifecycle. We’ll help you make the right choices when adopting an analytics platform, augmenting an existing one and properly configuring your data capture and reporting.

Technology & Integrations

Whether it’s Google Tag Manager, Segment, or Tealium, we have deep expertise in implementing analytics architectures and unifying user data. You’ll benefit from being able to capture richer insights from your website and a multitude of incoming data.

Analytics Audits & Governance

Data integrity and cleanliness is at the heart of any strong business intelligence strategy. We undertake process-driven analytics audits to ensure your metrics are accurate, synced and comprehensive in order to make confident data-informed decisions.

Ongoing Analysis

Even the best data only tells a partial story. This is where Cro Metrics’ analysts and strategists come in. We begin by understanding your company goals and KPIs, then based on our ongoing analyses, provide recommendations that hone in on the highest leverage opportunities for maximum business impact.

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