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CRO Experiment Idea for Ladder - Cro Metrics

Ladder is an innovative life insurance company dedicated to helping its members protect those they care about most. They make it happen by providing on-the-spot and affordable life insurance coverage with ease.

While Ladder provides a critical product for all, their website experience may leave their audience asking, “Great, but where do I go from here?” Could a few updates to the website call-to-actions increase conversions? We could test that.

The Problem: Ladder’s Home Page CTA Doesn’t Inspire Potential Customers to Take the Next Step

The Home page is the primary landing page for organic and paid search traffic. Unfortunately, Ladder’s main CTA is “Get Started” which may be a bit vague and non-personal. When writing CTA copy, it’s critical to think like your customer and describe the direct action you want them to take.

Here at Cro Metrics, we also consider the phrase “I want to…” before any CTA we develop. And while Ladder’s “Get Started” CTA makes sense, it may still leave the visitor wondering what they’ll get started doing by clicking. This causes friction that results in the dreaded bounce.

CRO Experiment Idea for Ladder- Control - Cro Metrics
The “Get started” copy for the CTA button in the control version isn’t as clear as it could be.

Our Hypothesis: Personalizing the CTA Copy Will Match Visitor Motivations and Increase CTA Engagement & Conversions

A usability study completed by Baymard Institute found that contextual words such as “continue” are not as compelling and may not match the motivation of the visitor and the action they wish to take.

Plus, our own previous testing has shown that testing CTA copy can drive major increases in lead submissions, especially when the copy helps add clarity or answers a question. Also, making sure that a CTA is bold enough to capture attention is an impactful change that can drive visitor behavior.

Small tweaks can make large impacts on your bottom line. For example, by adding a directional arrow to a monthly donation CTA for a non-profit client, we saw a:

  • 9% increase in total conversions
  • 5% increase in one-time donations
  • 39% increase in monthly donations

The Potential Fix: Tweaking the Main CTA Copy & Adding Directional Cues

The change we would make is simple: Change the CTA button copy from “Get Started” to “Get My Quote”. We would also add a directional arrow to point towards the CTA. 

We hypothesize that these simple changes would match visitor motivations for coming to Ladder’s website. As a result, Ladder would see an increase in CTA clicks and down funnel conversions.

CRO Experiment Idea for Ladder - Cro Metrics
Adding a directional cue and using the clearer “Get my quote” button copy in the variation could help boost Ladder’s customer acquisition efforts.

These tweaks we could test for Ladder underline how important every single element is within the customer experience. For optimum conversion, you must test it all.

What Can Cro Metrics Test for You?

What simple changes could you make to increase conversions for your business? The team at Cro Metrics could test that. To learn more about our experimentation programs, send us a message.