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CRO Experiment Idea Brooks Running - Cro Metrics

Every run brings you closer to your best self. And you end every run in a better place than you started.”

That’s part of Brooks Running’s mission, and they stick to it by supplying some of the best running shoes and apparel for those who love to run around the globe.

Brooks Running products are made for people on the go, so it’s no surprise that they offer a robust mobile shopping experience. Yet, could a simple CTA button be causing their shoppers to run away from their purchases? We could test that.

The Opportunity: Broken Sticky CTA on Mobile May Cause Friction & Abandonment

Currently, shoppers that scroll past the buy section on any of the Brooks Running product display pages (PDPs) will see a sticky CTA. This is typically a great way to capture their attention and remind them of their purpose for visiting the page.

The current experience features a sticky Help/Support Icon that interferes with the CTA, however, covering the product price. Additionally, when tapping the sticky CTA, nothing happens.

This has the potential to be a huge friction point within the user experience, leading to frustration and abandonment.

The Control

CRO Experiment Idea for Brooks Running - Control - Cro Metrics
The sticky CTA in the control experience can end up conflicting with the help icon.

Our Hypothesis: Improving the Sticky CTA Functionality Will Enhance the Customer Experience

We’ve seen across several retail e-commerce sites that some of the largest drop-offs happen from the PDP to the cart. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to remove conversion barriers inside the customer journey.

Recently, we conducted a similar test for a client in the shoe/apparel industry that focused on creating the best sticky CTA experience. We found that placing the sticky CTA at the top of the screen resulted in better performance. The change increased add-to-carts but didn’t impact purchases.

We followed up with an iteration that included value proposition information within the CTA, resulting in not only increased add-to-carts, but also a 6% lift in purchases and a 4% increase in revenue.

The Potential Fix: Moving the CTA, Adding Incentive Copy & Fixing the Overall Functionality

We would begin our test by moving the CTA up from the bottom of the screen to the top, just like we did in the test example above. We would also include incentive copy within the CTA and fix the functionality so that, once clicked, visitors would be sent to the buy section.

We hypothesize that these changes would improve the overall shopping experience, increasing add-to-carts and revenue.

The Variation

CRO Experiment Idea for Brooks Running - Variation - Cro Metrics
The variation in our potential experiment would place the sticky CTA at the top of the page and potentially increase revenue.

What Can Cro Metrics Test for You?

Could something as simple as a sticky CTA button make or break your attempts to reach your business goals? Absolutely. That’s why we believe in testing everything and often. 

What can Cro Metrics test for you? To learn more about our experimentation and optimization programs, send us a message.