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Upwork is the leading website for gig workers and freelancers who are looking for one-off gigs and long-term contracts in a wide range of industries. They can review project details and then submit a proposal using one simple platform.

While Upwork was originally designed for freelancers, Upwork Enterprise was designed with the business in mind. Through Enterprise, businesses have access to custom hiring solutions and expert-vetted talent.

Upwork Enterprise provides critical tools businesses need to hire skilled freelancers. However, could Upwork’s Enterprise Contact page be failing to communicate this fact? We could test that.

The Opportunity: Upwork’s Enterprise Contact Page May Not Be Inspiring Companies to Convert

The gig economy consisting of freelancers has grown immensely over the past few years. According to Zippia, the number of companies fully operating on gig work increased by 554% between 2014 and 2018.

Businesses looking for gig workers to finish projects must attract qualified talent. And Upwork Enterprise helps businesses do just that. Unfortunately, Upwork’s current Contact page and lead generation form for the Enterprise offering are overly simple and don’t communicate the benefits of the Enterprise suite.

Upwork must work hard to attract businesses in need of assistance with sorting through the pool of gig workers to hire proven talent for their specific needs. This means they must ensure the lead generation form (and the Contact page it lives on) packs a punch.

The Control

Upwork may be missing out on opportunities due to the design and layout of the Contact page.

Our Hypothesis: Highlighting the Benefits of Upwork Enterprise Will Increase Form Submissions

Contact pages and lead generation forms should be tempting enough for leads to voluntarily enter their information. Basic Contact pages don’t inspire visitors to connect. The best Contact pages explain why a visitor should submit a contact form and describe how a business can help solve their needs.

Any page on your website should make clear the benefits of your products or services and be tailored to your persona. The Contact page is no different.

The Potential Fix: Adding Simple Benefits Copy to the Contact Page

We would begin our test by adding copy about the benefits of Upwork Enterprise to the Contact page. We would also change the submission button to reflect a benefit the business will receive. In this case, we would change the button from “Schedule a Call” to “Build Your Team.”

We hypothesize that these changes would instill trust in businesses who land on the page and increase form submissions.

The Variation

By adding benefits to the Contact page, Upwork can build trust and increase submissions from users.

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