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SurveyMonkey is a global leader in survey software, helping businesses collect feedback simply and quickly. Currently, SurveyMonkey serves over 19 million active users on their platform.

While SurveyMonkey is already a top choice for survey software, there’s always room for growth. Those interested in utilizing surveys will find a treasure trove of information on SurveyMonkey’s website. However, do new visitors truly understand the value that SurveyMonkey provides? 

Could simply optimizing the value proposition on the Home page boost conversions? We could test that.

The Opportunity: SurveyMonkey’s Home Page Needs a Clear Value Proposition

The value proposition is one of the most critical components of a company’s brand. With so much competition in every industry, businesses must do what it takes to stand out. One way to do so is to construct a clear and compelling value proposition.

Currently, SurveyMonkey’s Home page details important features of their software and plans. However, there isn’t a clear value proposition that details exactly how the software will benefit their target audience. 

The Control

The current Home page does not detail how SurveyMonkey could benefit the target audience.

Our Hypothesis: Optimizing the Value Proposition Could Increase Conversion Rates

The value proposition isn’t only important for the business. Consumers use value propositions to make critical buying decisions. With so many choices out there, consumers often feel overwhelmed and experience decision paralysis due to uncertainty and the inability to distinguish one product’s benefits over another.

Since customers are only really interested in how a business will help them solve their problems, they look for value propositions first when visiting a website. 

Unfortunately, according to Market8, more than 86% of value propositions are irrelevant. And when the majority of visitors (83%) only stay on your website for 10 seconds, irrelevant information should be avoided at all costs.

Instead, it’s critical to optimize a website’s value proposition to ensure it’s relevant to an audience’s needs.

The Potential Fix: Switching Up the Body and CTA Copy on the Sticky Bar

To start our test, we would simply switch up the body and CTA copy on SurveyMonkey’s sticky bar. The new body copy would showcase the software’s benefits in a simple and concise manner, while the new CTA would give clear next steps.

We hypothesize this change would decrease bounce rates, increase account sign-ups, and boost overall conversion rates leading to higher profits.

The Variation

Switching the body copy and CTA on the sticky bar would help decrease bounce rate and increase overall conversions.

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