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Shipt is a grocery delivery service, promising same-day delivery of food goods, everyday essentials and more. Shipt focuses on delivering goods from your favorite grocers (even local stores) with care.

The company promises to go the extra mile by keeping customers updated on their orders via mobile app and selecting groceries that are just right for its customers. Could going the extra mile on Shipt’s existing landing pages boost conversions? We could test that.

The Opportunity: The Landing Page Copy Should Match the Ad Copy

More and more shoppers are turning to food delivery for convenience. When a shopper searches for a food delivery service, the service’s website must be front and center. A great way to make this happen is through landing pages. These pages improve conversion rates better than any other part of a website.

Designed to capture leads, landing pages persuade shoppers to take action. The key is to create landing pages that match the expectations of a shopper’s search query. And this means the page must match the language of the referring ad that compelled a shopper to click.

Currently, Shipt’s landing pages don’t completely match the tone or message of the referring ads. Unfortunately, this could lead a potential shopper to bounce.

The Control

Shipt could be losing customers due to a difference in tone and messaging between ads and the landing page.

Our Hypothesis: Messages That Meet Expectations Will Improve Conversions

Those who click on a PPC ad expect the following page and copy to meet their specific needs. Landing pages that don’t deliver on these expectations often flop, resulting in lost conversions.

According to Klientboost, “whatever you promise with your PPC ad copy, carry that over to your specific landing page copy—predominantly your headline—so your visitor knows that they’re at the right place and that your solution is exactly what they need to fix their problem.”

Another critical aspect of creating compelling landing pages is using images. According to Cience, users are 80% more likely to read content that is combined with an image. After all, they add value to the written content of a landing page.

The Potential Fix: Tailoring the Message on the Landing Page to Match the Ad Copy

We would start our test by tailoring the landing page to match the language of the paid campaign. We would also implement a creative design complete with a new hero image. 

We hypothesize that these changes would create a seamless user experience from the moment they see the ad to the moment they convert, increasing zip code submissions and order completions. Additional benefits include increased AOV and LTV for return users.

The Variation

Matching the ad message to the landing page will create a seamless user experience, resulting in increased conversions.

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