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How much of a promotion’s success comes down to the clarity of the offer? The answer might surprise you.

Watch this episode of The Cro Show, a game show for conversion rate optimization and marketing experimentation fans, and see if you can guess which test variation performed better during a recent Cro Metrics client experiment.

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Full Transcript:

Ally Kuhn: Alright thanks everyone for joining today. My showcase is around a meal kit delivery service who is highly focused on promotions.

Their promotions are pretty consistent. Don’t tell anybody but you can get them quite often and so really what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to enhance the information around the vouchers or promotions.

And so what you’ll see here on the right is the control. So when you land on the landing page when you come in through a promotional URL, you are served with this green box at the top that sticks around with you on that page until you go into the funnel.

It tells you how much you’re getting off and then with a small kind of parentheses bracket, you’re told that it’s actually $15 off your first four boxes.

So, knowing that people don’t like to read, we were trying to give a little more clarity around the promotion itself and wanted to offer additional details.

So you’ll see here. This is kind of the expanded option for the variation. So when a person would click on, theoretically this is still here in the control and we have a show offer details when you click the down arrow it exposes this $15 off first box, $15 off second box and so on.

So make it really really simple and say here’s what you’re getting.

Our KPIs were overall subscriptions an funnel sign up steps. This was run across both desktop and mobile and this banner persisted throughout the funnel so that people could reference back to it.

So any questions?

Dave Albert: I have a quick question. So on the control, was there any indication that there is a promotion? Or was it you only see that voucher was applied after you’ve taken action?

Ally Kuhn: It’s only that green banner at the top after you click through that URL and that’s it.

Dave Albert: Got it OK.

Cristi Alvarez: Was this test run just on mobile you said or was it also on desktop? OK. And it looked the same on desktop?

Ally Kuhn: Yeah, so the only caveat to to the mobile version is that to kind of save space we hid the voucher, “Successfully applied $60.00 off”, that information on desktop it was exposed because we had this space there.

Cara Binsfield: So if you click hide offer details then it does it show the banner on the right?

Ally Kuhn: Exactly.

Cristi Alvarez: Alright, any other questions otherwise will go to vote. So if you think the variation won, put a thumbs up. If you think the control won, put a thumbs down. Oh wow, kind of split.

Ally Kuhn: Alright, so ultimately this was a WIN. We did see a 3% increase in subscriptions.

Interestingly enough, we did see a slight decrease in overall funnel sign ups, to which I took as, you know, we’re kind of weeding out the people who are going to be somewhat disappointed with the promotion as they get through it, and we’re getting the people that are actually qualified and want that promotion.

So a really interesting win. An interesting win across both desktop and mobile so – I showed you mobile just for space sake – but a really cool a really cool addition to their promotional package.