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PowerSchool is a leading provider of K-12 software that serves 75% of students throughout North America. Whether users want to simplify classroom management or easily recruit and onboard teachers, there’s a solution available through PowerSchool.

PowerSchool’s blog is a great source of information for teachers and administrative staff alike. However, this isn’t the only resource available. PowerSchool also offers an email newsletter and product demos for folks who want to learn more.

Could offering an easy way for users to sign-up for more information on the blog increase overall conversions for PowerSchool? We could test that.

The Opportunity: Readers May Not Make It to the CTA on PowerSchool’s Blog

Indeed, converting blog readers into leads is no easy task. And unfortunately, many readers barely make it past the headline of a blog post, let alone the call to action (CTA) at the bottom. According to Spiralytics, 80% of users don’t make it past the headline.

Currently, PowerSchool doesn’t include any other CTA besides the one at the bottom of each post. This can make it difficult to convert readers into warm leads.

The Control

The CTA for PowerSchool is located at the bottom of the article, receiving much less interaction than the information at the top of the page.

 Our Hypothesis: An Exit Intent Modal Will Boost Conversions

What can be done to combat this issue? Pop-ups are an option. It’s true that some pop-ups are intrusive or annoying. However, pop-ups that are engaging and meet the reader’s needs (such as an exit intent modal) work.

According to Hubspot, when tested, slide-in boxes generated 27% more submissions than the regular CTA at the bottom of blog posts. They also achieved a 92% higher click-through rate and 27% more submissions than a regular CTA.

The Potential Fix: Adding an Exit Intent Modal Window to Blog Posts

To start our test, we would add an exit intent modal window to PowerSchool’s blog. This pop-up shows on the reader’s screen whenever they move their cursor to close the browser or return to search results. 

For Hubspot, this type of pop-up generated approximately 1,375% more subscribers than the standard CTA.

We hypothesize that this change would inspire more visitors to subscribe to receive additional content or a free demo. This would lead to increased email subscribers, form submissions, return users, page views, and a decreased exit rate.

The Variation

By adding an exit intent modal window, PowerSchool could increase the number of people who subscribe.

What Can Cro Metrics Test for You?

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