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Kayak is a well-known online travel agent (OTA) that allows customers to book flights, hotels, rental cars and more. For Kayak, it’s all about helping customers make confident travel decisions, whether they’re traveling for work or for their dream vacation.

The company processes billions of queries each year for travel information. And although customers frequently book flights and hotels through Kayak, they’re also looking for more. Could Kayak increase its conversion rates by marketing the entire vacation experience? We could test that.

The Opportunity: Vacation Planners Are Seeking More Than Just Accommodations—They Want an Experience

Customers often seek accommodation and experience details when researching travel purchases. This is especially true if they’re unable to satisfy their curiosity on one site. They may bounce between sites and quickly become overwhelmed at the wealth of information and resources out there. In other words, planning travel is daunting for anyone.

Currently, Kayak doesn’t market the entire travel experience, including things to do and places to see at a specific location, on its flight search results page. Users who want more information will need to leave the funnel to search for it elsewhere.

Not only does this result in friction for the customer, but it also results in a bounce for Kayak and the potential for lost revenue.

The Control

Kayak could reduce the bounce rate by having all travel information on their website.

Our Hypothesis: Marketing the Entire Travel Experience Will Increase Conversion Rates & Revenue

According to Statista, searching online was a more popular source of vacation inspiration than talking to friends and family. In fact, 83% of US adults now prefer to book their travel online.

Greenberg research shows that in the 12 weeks leading up to a trip, there are 3 times more experience-based searches than hotel searches and 8 times more experience-based searches than flight searches.

These states underline this fact: It’s important to market the entire travel experience. Whether it be restaurants, hotel accommodations, guided or virtual tours or family attractions, OTAs like Kayak must find opportunities to highlight these experiences rather than a simple hotel room or flight price.

The Potential Fix: Adding the “Discover the best of…” Module to the Flight Search Results Page

We would start our test by adding the “Discover the best of…” module (from the Things to Do page) to the flight search results page. This would highlight local experiences travelers can book to complete their vacation.

We hypothesize that this change would ensure customers stay within the purchase funnel on Kayak and will be more than likely to purchase their entire travel package through the site. As a result, Kayak would experience increased conversion rates and revenue.

The Variation

By adding the “Discover the best of…” module, Kayak can keep more people on their page to increase conversion rates and revenue.

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