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Instructure, the developer of the fastest-growing learning management system Canvas, is an educational technology company on a mission to “elevate student success, amplify the power of teaching, and inspire everyone to learn together.”

The mission is considerable but Instructure continues to make strides daily to improve learning for all. And the educational community is taking notes. Instructure has won numerous awards, including Most Loved Software by TrustRadius and Best LMS by the G2 Learning Hub.

These awards and Instructure’s dedication to its mission are two reasons why its LMS tools are chosen above the competition. Could drawing more attention to these accolades and company values increase the number of customers taking advantage of these tools? We could test that.

The Opportunity: The Website Should Feature Accolades & Company Values

The education technology field is highly saturated and competitive. Professionals have various learning platforms to choose from, making it difficult to choose the right tools to fit their needs.

The first thing these professionals often do is visit the websites of the learning solutions they’re considering. The website should communicate a company’s credibility to build trust with the prospective customer.

Currently, Instructure doesn’t feature its awards or values on its Home page, two trust-building components.

The Control

Instructure currently does not have any trust-building components on the site.

Our Hypothesis: Featuring Awards & Values Will Build Trust With Prospective Customers

It’s true that B2B EdTech businesses are not just selling a product or service. They’re also selling credibility. According to ProveSource, awards and recognitions are another authoritative social proof that reassures prospective customers that a brand is good in what it delivers. 

If a brand has received leading awards or notable certifications in its industry, the company can capitalize on those components as opportunities for exposure. That exposure will build trust which will increase traffic and leads.

The Potential Fix: Add Recognizable, Expert Awards & Values to the Home Page

Our test would begin with adding recognizable, expert awards to the Home page. We would also highlight the company’s value on the page. Our hypothesis is that this change would build trust with prospective customers and increase lead submissions.

We also hypothesize that these increased lead submissions would result in an increased conversion rate and time on site.

The Variation

Adding awards and accolades will gain more consumer trust, helping increase the overall number of lead submissions.

What Can Cro Metrics Test for You?

You’re good at what you do. And if you have awards, certifications or other trust badges to show for it, it might be time to highlight them. Of course, a test is best before you make any changes. We can help. To learn more about our experimentation and optimization programs, send us a message.