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Honest is known for clean, sustainable and well-designed products, including everything from diapers to cosmetics. According to Jessica Alba, the founder of Honest, “Health and wellness are a universal foundation for a life well-lived…We care about all people and the planet.”

Many people choose Honest products for their sustainability and quality. And the Honest website features a simple purchase process. Yet, could the online product pages be causing some potential customers to bounce? We could test that.

The Opportunity: Critical Product Information Isn’t Immediately Available to Shoppers

A good product page serves two functions: 1) To provide consumers with detailed information about a product of interest and 2) To provide secondary details to engage users in the buying process. These details include information about awards and ethical manufacturing information.

When a customer lands on a product page, they want to find essential information first such as product price and variations. This is why it’s critical to optimize product pages for the best customer experience.

Currently, Honest’s product pages showcase the price, product variations and the call to action lower on the page. This means customers will need to scroll to find the information they’re looking for, adding friction to the shopping experience. 

The Control

Making users scroll down to find information could result in a loss of business.

Our Hypothesis: Optimizing the Product Pages Could Increase Add to Carts

A study by Statista found that only 2.42% of e-commerce site visits convert into purchases. In many cases, poorly designed product pages are to blame. 

In one study by Baymard, poor product page layout was a major reason for product and site abandonment during usability testing. This result helps underline the importance of highlighting the product page layout, design and features when considering the user experience.

Experts suggest that the most important elements of a web page should appear above the fold, including the call to action as well as product variations and price.

The Potential Fix: Move Up the Product Price, Ratings, Variations & the CTA

We would begin our test by simply moving the product price, ratings, variations and the call-to-action closer to the product description. We hypothesize this change would improve the customer experience, increase conversion rates and decrease bounce rates.

The Variation

Having all product information easily available to users will make the overall experience of the site better.

What Can Cro Metrics Test for You?

This one simple change could help Honest increase website conversions. What simple changes could you make to reach your goals? To learn more about our experimentation and optimization programs, send us a message.