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DocuSign is the #1 electronic signature solution on the market today. From electronic notarization to contract lifecycle management and beyond, DocuSign offers everything individuals and businesses need to manage agreements.

DocuSign offers three standard pricing plans to choose from, including Personal, Standard, and Business Pro. This ensures everyone has a solution to fit their needs. However, could the pricing page be causing visitors to experience decision paralysis? We could test that.

The Opportunity: DocuSign’s Pricing Page Could Be Inspiring Visitors to Bounce

“Which pricing tier is right for me? I can’t decide. I’ll just come back later.”

When it comes to conversions, there are very few pages as important as the pricing page on a website. However, when there are multiple pricing options on the page, visitors often experience decision paralysis.

Even after analyzing side-by-side plans and their various features, visitors may still not be able to choose which path to take. Unfortunately, this inspires them to click away, resulting in plummeting conversion rates.

The Control

Multiple pricing plans can cause decision paralysis in consumers, causing more page bounces and less conversions.

Our Hypothesis: Price Anchoring Can Help Visitors Make a Purchasing Decision

To help visitors choose the right product, price anchoring is an excellent tool. Price anchoring is the process of listing packages from the most expensive to the least expensive to provide an “anchor” for visitors. 

This anchor is a reference point they can use to determine how “expensive” or “cheap” they believe the other options to be. And guess what—it works.

According to Process St., a left-to-right, high-to-low approach seems to provide a statistically significant lift every time. And a study by ConversionXL found that participants choose more expensive packages more often when they are listed first or furthest to the left.

Another key tactic for optimizing pricing pages is highlighting the best-converting plan. DocuSign already does this, highlighting the Standard plan as the “best value.”

The Potential Fix: Reorder Pricing Tiers From Most Expensive to Least Expensive

For our test, we would simply reorder DocuSign’s pricing tiers, featuring the most expensive Business Pro plan first, followed by Standard and Personal.

We hypothesize that this change would influence visitors who are feeling stuck. As a result, we could decrease bounce rates and increase account sign-ups. This would then lead to increased revenue and consumer lifetime value.

The Variation

Reordering the pricing tier could help consumers through the decision process and increase conversions.

What Can Cro Metrics Test for You?

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