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Does your new year’s resolution have anything to do with getting better organized? If so, The Container Store can help. The retailer offers everything you could need to take control of your clutter, including complete closet systems, office storage, and even solutions for trash and recycling.

The Container Store also offers a Design Center on their website to help customers create organizing solutions that fit their specific needs. Although this is a fantastic amenity, the purchase process can feel a bit overwhelming.

“Will the items I chose work together?”

“What am I missing?”

These are only two of the questions potential customers may ask which could lead to friction during the checkout process. Could The Container Store improve the customer experience and their conversions by personalizing the shopping cart? We could test that.

The Opportunity: Confusion Regarding Which Items to Purchase May Result in Conversion Loss

Today’s online shoppers are busy. They have limited time to browse, fill their carts, and make their final purchases. When it comes to highly customizable products such as organizing solutions, it can take serious time to determine which products work best together.

Without product recommendations, it’s up to the customer to decide what to purchase. Unfortunately, this can lead to confusion and frustration for customers who simply want to select the specific solutions they need and go. And that frustration may lead the customer straight to a competitor.

The Control

Without recommendations customers may not easily find the items they need, making them leave the website before purchasing.

Our Hypothesis: Personalizing the Shopping Cart Will Improve the Customer Experience

Customers want a personalized shopping experience tailored to fit their product needs. A simple way to personalize is by adding product recommendations to the checkout process.

According to a study by Barilliance, product recommendations make up as much as 31% of e-commerce site revenues. And conversion rates of customers who clicked on a recommendation are 5.5 times higher when compared to those who have not interacted with them.

Furthermore, in a MyBuys study, retailers realized a 915% increase in overall site conversion rates on products recommended in displays in the shopping cart. Yes, 915%!

The Potential Fix: Providing Personalized Product Recommendations at Checkout

We would start our test by simply adding personalized product recommendations into the checkout process. These recommendations would accessorize items already in the cart for simplified shopping.

We hypothesize this change would improve the customer experience as well as increase the amount of time customers spend on the site. As a result, The Container Store could experience increased conversions, average order value, and overall revenue.

The Variation

Adding personalized product recommendations will allow the customer experience will run more smoothly, resulting in more purchases.

What Can Cro Metrics Test for You?

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