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Coinbase is one of the top crypto companies out there, promising to build “a more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent financial system enabled by crypto.” The company offers an incredibly easy-to-use platform for sending and receiving Bitcoin.

The Coinbase platform doesn’t skimp on the user experience. Yet, we wonder if the main Home page on the Coinbase website is meeting user expectations. To find out, we could test that. 

The Opportunity: The Current Home Page May Not Meet User Expectations

In days past, marketers put forth extra effort into digital tactics such as search keywords. While those efforts are still important, relevance is even more so. Consumers want relevant results on the search engine page as well as the landing pages they choose to click on.

This means companies must merge their SEO strategies with conversion rate optimization to deliver solid landing pages. After all, the first result in Google isn’t always the best for the user.

Currently, Coinbase’s organic traffic far surpasses its paid traffic. And most users are coming to the site for Bitcoin prices and information on US customer payment methods. When landing on the Home page, however, users are met with the option to sign-up for an account of a Coinbase rewards incentive. 

To see bitcoin prices, users must scroll to find that information hidden within a tabbed module. At first glance, the page may not appear to deliver on their expectations. This may cause many users to quickly bounce in search of what they’re looking for.

The Control

By having important information further down on the Home page, Bitcoin may be losing customers.

Our Hypothesis: Highlighting Relevant Content Will Reduce Bounce Rate and More

Neil Patel discovered that there are times when the #1 result in search won’t be clicked. Instead, the 4th and 5th organic results will. It all comes down to relevancy for the user. Providing relevant content to help a user solve a problem, get an answer, or fulfill a need often results in conversion.

According to Search Engine Journal, “16% of organic leads should turn into paying customers. To keep leads moving down the funnel, companies need to make sure that they’re landing on the right pages, getting the content they’re looking for, and can easily buy, subscribe, request a quote, or sign up.”

The Potential Fix: Moving Current Bitcoin Prices to the Top of the Home Page

We would begin our test by moving relevant content, including current bitcoin prices, to the top of the high organic traffic Home page. We hypothesize that this change would provide the content users are seeking which will reduce bounce rate and increase confidence. And, as a result, Coinbase will see an increase in account sign-ups and cryptocurrency purchases through their platform.

The Variation

Placing Bitcoin prices at the top of the Home page will help users find exactly what they are looking for, decreasing the bounce rate of the site.

What Can Cro Metrics Test for You?

Simply moving a few landing page modules could truly impact your conversion rate. However, you must test first to determine what steps to take next. To learn more about our experimentation and optimization programs, subscribe to Cro Metrics today.