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Boxed is in the business of making bulk shopping “easy, convenient and fun.” Consumers who like to stock up on their favorite pantry staples, snacks and more can do so quickly on the Boxed website or app. The items are then shipped right to their doorstep.

Boxed offers all of the name brands consumers know and love, including gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free options (just to name a few). Boxed doesn’t currently call out this nutrition-related information on the product pages, however. Could doing so improve the shopping experience? We could test that.

The Opportunity: Product Pages Are Missing Dietary Restriction Tags

Consumers want to know what they’re purchasing. This includes understanding the nutritional information in the products they choose. While nutrition information is easily accessible in-store, it’s often unclear online, especially when nutrition information and dietary restriction choices are not consistently displayed.

Unfortunately, this leads to friction within the consumers’ purchase decision process. And that friction can lead to abandoned carts and higher bounce rates.

The Control

If nutritional information can’t be found easily, this could result in more customers leaving their carts without purchasing.

Our Hypothesis: Easily Recognized Nutrition Badges Can Improve the Shopping Experience

According to New York University, while US law requires nutrition facts, allergen information and ingredient lists to appear on the physical packaging of food products, these regulations do not currently apply to online retailers.

As a result, crucial health and safety information may not be available to online grocery shoppers. Unfortunately, this can lead to safety concerns for consumers who depend on this information, as in the case of allergens, sodium or sugar.

In the New York University analysis of 10 major products across nine major online grocery retailers, nutritional information was included and legible, on average, only 36.5% of the time. Yet, in a study by the Harbin Institute of Technology, data revealed that consumers pay attention to nutrition information and that such info increases food sales.

The Potential Fix: Adding Nutrition Badges to Each Product Page

We would begin our test by adding easily recognizable nutrition badges to each product page. We hypothesize that this simple change would support consumers in making necessary purchase decisions according to their dietary needs. 

As a result, this would improve confidence in the online retailer and increase the lifetime value of each customer. We also hypothesize that this change would increase average order value, purchase quantities and overall revenue.

The Variation

Adding trusted badges will give consumers more confidence in what they are purchasing, decreasing bounce rate and improving overall purchases.

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